36 Strand DNA Activation


This masterclass showcases my very own DNA activation, alignment and upgrade method which I downloaded from Source. In it I conduct a 36 strand DNA activation, re-alignment and upgrade with the help of my galactic guides and the personal etheric physicians of each person who experiences it. The benefits of this process are removal of that which is not in alignment with your highest good at a cellular level, allowing the true perfection and magnificence of you to shine through, as originally intended by the Creator of All That Is. It is combined with the full Akashic Reboot No 6 (which can be used over and over again to remove blocks that no longer serve your highest good, across all aspects and levels of your being), with some particular emphasis on specifically removing blocks and restrictions on the following:

Letting go of suffering
Letting go of stress
Letting go of un-necessary challenges
Letting go of struggle
Letting go of sub & unconscious contracts
Automatic downloads for your highest good, enhancement and soul purpose.
There are also three activations aside from the DNA activation (including a new one that I was given by Source the other day called intuitive Eating which removes all judgements about food and connects you to your ability to fully eat to nourish your body and DNA according to their needs).

All of this is designed to get you functioning at as high a power as you can be.

'Listening to the live DNA activation last night I got tingling in my feet for the first time in a long time. It's a fantastic activation. Ive been feeling numb for a couple of months and was seriously thinking whether this was worth my time and money tbh. Last nights activation put me back in the boat and back on course. Seriously stoked. I was turning into a bit of a scepticist and was seriously beginning to doubt my spiritual journey. This activation was my make or break if you like. I felt like I was falling behind and got caught up in a ton of lack which was beautifully translated to the chaos that seemed to unfold around me. I had lost my power, given in to ego and boy do I have a powerful ego and complacency brought me to a place of nearly not giving a fuck. I started doubting the words of others and yeah it got pretty grim and I was angry. I approached this activation with an attitude of 'yeah whatever' but.... this one hit me smack bang in my solar plexus and the release was immense feelings drifting from bullshit to calm to tears to relief and clarity. I couldn't have asked for a better result. If you are at a point where you think you haven't progressed, if you have doubts that any of this is going to make a difference then do this recent DNA activation' - Katrine Lembcke

'I experienced the 36 Strand DNA Activation to be very powerful. I felt a great deal of old energies release throughout the process. After the activation I felt extremely relaxed with a warm, mellow energy flowing through me. Today I feel more expanded and open to receive on all levels. - Debbie Emerson

'I loved the 36 strand activation. I felt calm and replenished immediately after and in the time since. I was able to release much of the dis-ease I had been feeling. I wasn't tired or overwhelmed by it. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to run it again.
I feel so different (and so much better) since I started working with you, Lys, in September. Some of my close family and friends have remarked that there's a certain peacefulness and positivity about me that wasn't there before. I feel it too. Thank you Lys! This journey with you continues to improve and transform my life in so many ways; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I'm looking forward to what's next' - Valerie Braddock

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