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Have you ever found yourself wishing that you had a magic wand when it comes to solving the problems that crop up in your life?

You know the ones I'm talking about - the house that won't sell, the relationship that you know has potential and yet it never seems to translate into reality, the money that you know is waiting for you to experience it yet doesn't materialise, the business that you know is in you but you can't quite work out what it is or how to get the ball rolling to start it, the amazing sex, and mindblowing orgasms you'd like to be having but where the fuck are they??

All of these things are perfectly possibly for you. The only reason you don't have them yet is that you've been holding yourself back from the version of you that gets to.

My zone of genius is literally magic when it comes to dealing with what is in the way and tapping you into the you that is, does and has the things that you say you are seeking.

And I am dedicated to providing extraordinary solutions to seemingly everyday problems via my energetic wizardry and some good straight talking honesty about where you are misaligning yourself with bullshit disguised as excuses and how to change that.

There are three ways that you can connect with this - digitally via courses and products in my shop http://www.dynamicintention.net/shop or the various services pages listed under the headings practical stuff and fun stuff in the main menu headers above, or via high end personalised one to one partnership work, dependingon your budget and desire for a bespoke service

There is literally no excuse for remaining in a rut, repeating the same patterns and boring yourself to death trying to hustle and force physical solutions from a place of exhaustion and desperation> wouldn't you prefer your results to be easier, and feel good?

As for me, watch the video to get to know me and feel whether my energy is a good match for yours. You're here for a reason (there really is no such thing as coincidence) so the chances are that we'll be connecting either now or at some point in the future. I look forwards to meeting with you via one of my awesome offerings :)