Akashic Reboot

You get instant access to the Full Reboot (in the form of a mini course) with all of the activations and a useful PDF with advice on how to best use the tools you have just availed yourself of

The Akashic Reboot is the powerful modality which I brought through last year, which clears ALL that no longer serves your highest and best good in this lifetime.

In a nutshell it clears blocks on/to ALL of the following when you are ready to let go of them. To be clear on this blocks are literally just lessons that you have not yet learned or integrated so if your soul still needs for you to do these things then they are serving you. They are ready to release when you have learned the lesson and the reboot clears these:

-Self Worth
-Your psychic gifts
-Unity Consciousness
-Your higher emotions (Happiness, Joy,Compassion, Kindness, Harmony, Peace etc)
-Your ability to be in full alignment with your higher self
-Moving forwards
-Expansion and growth
-Letting go

and a WHOLE lot more. Everything that I have done for myself (as the ultimate guinea pig) is passed on to all those who work with me.

I can tell you right now that I am in a VERY different place energetically to where i was mid September 2016 when Michael and I recommenced working on this after a long break (I started bringing through all of this in April, and had a long pause. This was as it was planned this way I have been informed)

It is time for all of us to let go of the false self. This work is here to do just that. It is all you will ever need to clear and stay clear, as you will be provided with the recording of the session and you can use it again whenever you have further blocks that no longer serve you (remember that blocks are only lessons that you have not yet learned. These take the form of programs, energies, contracts, oaths, vows, commitments and more. The whole lot is dealt with by this)

Are you ready to let go of your karma and move into BEING your higher self and all you can be? The time is now.

To sign up all you need to do is follow this link http://bit.ly/RebootOnePayment

The request for appreciation you are required to invest in yourself for this? $205, for a tool you can utilise for the rest of your life to clear things as and when they come up, simply, painlessly and daily if needed

The following testimonials are from clients who have received the reboot in 1:1 sessions with me:

'Here is what I can tell you – before the reboot I was absolutely exhausted every single day. I simply couldn’t understand how on earth I could sleep all night and wake up feeling more drained than ever. And this happened night after night. I was also being attacked by birds on my bike rides which was freaking me out to say the least.

Now I’m a pretty optimistic person, but when you’re doing your mindset work, meditations and prayers and still feel like death warmed up, you start doubting not only yourself but everything you believe in.

Enter Lys Campbell. One of my teachers for this life. After the reboot I was expecting to feel tired but instead I felt wide awake! And I have ever since the reboot. No longer do I wake up tired in the morning. I feel ALIVE baby! I’m focussed and positive once again and life just seems to flow. I’m having a blast, meeting the right people to grow myself, new business opportunities are coming about AND a biggie for me, I am moving into a space of true forgiveness of the past. I’m feeling more present, I’ve stopped rushing and feel really loved and supported by the angelic realm.

In fact the impact was so quick and so uplifting that I’ve booked my husband in for a session :) I cannot recommend this process enough and feel that with everything that’s happening in the world at the moment every person deserves to gift themselves with this healing.'

A.B., New Zealand

'thank you is not enough to express my emotions. My 1 hour session has transformed my life! For years I have been struggling to move forward in my life. No matter what I was following or studying, I just couldn't get that next step to my spiritual side. Angels, crystals, meditation chakra work...nothing took root. I was so doubting myself of everything! Then...
I told myself I will take only one more. If it didn't work I was done. Here comes Miss tell it Like it is, Lys! She was exactly what I needed to flip my world inside out and upside down....IN 1 HOUR!!!
I had no roots! I always felt lost. Moving all the time with my husbands work. Not grounded and this explained it all for me. I wasn't connected deep enough to Mother Earth to feel connected, loved, nurtured.
WOW is all I can say. Bazinga works, too.
After my session with Lys, I had a deep need to go for a drive. It was as if I had been watching my life in black and white and now as I drove around someone turned on the COLOR switch! The fall colors of the leaves were the brightest I've ever seen! Orange, yellow, salmon colors were everywhere! I've never seen the sky so blue before! I cried tears of joy, of finally taking that first step into my new life.
You are such a beautiful woman, spirit, teacher and A+ student to the group upstairs!
Thank you from the souls of my feet that are firmly grounded to Mother Earth.

L.L.O., Ohio

'My name is Susan Baillie and I have been working under the guidance of Lys for three months and in that time I have, through our work together grown in my own personal development. Her work with the Creator and spiritual beings has guided me through ridding myself of the baggage that was holding me back. The 'stuff' that gets in the way of seeing things as they truly are. She has guided me through blocks lhat lead to negative behavioural patterns that were constantly looping me back into areas that were no longer serving me and so preventing me from realising my true potential.
I am now more confident in who I am and have been able to overcome difficult areas in my life and given me a clearer understanding of how I approach this projection we call life. She offers me opportunities to develop as a light worker, working with energies, connecting to the Source and other beings, bringing a little more light into the world.
I have waited a long time for my mentor to arrive and I know I have chosen wisely for I now realise lhal I have a greater potential for doing 'good' in the world and if that means I help just one person to be on their way to their true awakening of who they are then I am content. I can see now that I do make a difference in the world and that is due to the direction that Lys has to offer.
Life itself holds great possibilities and each of us is dependent on the wider development of the world at large. We are a sacred part of the whole each with an important and rich offering to make. My personal offering comes because of the work I have undertaken with Lys.
Her abilities with working with activating specific areas and possibilities and so unblocking those regions in our lives that cause us the greatest challenge Is down to the hours of work she herself has dedicated to acquiring these skills.
I have grown and will continue to grow because of the important role Ellyssa Campbell as played in my life.
I know others will benefit greatly through her work both from her personal involvement and from those she has influenced to deliver practical guidance.
Thank you Lys.'

S.B., Yorkshire

'Dear Lys,

I simply cannot thank you enough for clearing the issues that have been holding me back! Yesterday after our session, I felt things begin to shift. I could see how everything I want in my life is mine for the choosing. Things suddenly became very clear - like I could really see myself, everyone, and everything around me clearly for the first time. Today - not even 24 hours after our session, I felt happy and peaceful for the first time in months. I woke up smiling! Then strange and exciting things began happening! I decided to have lunch with my son at his new school today. While there, I saw a flyer for available school district positions, which were not listed on their website. In fact, the deadline to apply was today, October 5. As I sat in the parking lot of my son's school reading the job flyer wondering if any of these jobs were for me, I looked up and saw that my parking space was number 111. Then as I was pulling into parking lot of the county building to apply for the open jobs, I wondered again if this was the right thing for me to do. I looked at the clock, it read 1:11. I applied for the position, so I'll have to wait and see what happens - I feel really good about it no matter the outcome! Another crazy thing that happened was that a luxury item I had been trying to sell for months on eBay finally sold! I couldn't believe it! I had listed the item time and time again and no one would buy it. Late last night before bed, I decided I would list it again - 11 hours later it sold!

I feel like for the first time the Universe has opened up and wrapped me in an enormous hug! Amazing!

Thank you for being YOU and bringing this modality to the Earth!! So many people are going to benefit from this!

Big huge love and blessings to you!!'

Sacha, Ohio