Ascended Master/Goddess/Angelic Abundance, Business, Life & Soul Purpose Upgrade Activation


This activation is the upgrade from the free mega money block clearing and activation that is on my 'free stuff' page here on the website.

If you are a conscious business owner or entrepreneur this activation is a serious recommendation in order for you to ope up even more fully to your purpose. It aligns your business with your purpose and soul frequency. It is a nealry forty minute recording, set to 528 and 852 hz solfeggio, which goes into your Akashic records, clears all aspects of you including your business, and then opens and activates you in 3 stages. Stage one is channeled by the Pleiadian beings that i am working with, using their light language, for remembrance of your true power and abilities. The second part is channeled from my higher self in Mintakan Light language, and is an invocation of love and abundance in all of it's forms. Stage three involves the calling in and collective channeling of 33 ascended masters/angels/goddesses who volunteered their services to infuse you with their knowledge, wisdom, energies and vibrations so that you can expand even further, and tap into an absolute knowing of what is needed for your next steps, as well as the assurance that you are always fully supported as you follow your soul's plan for this life. This last part covers all bases. From Kali with her ability to dissolve that which no longer serves and start afresh, through Sedna with her promise of infinite supply and the knowledge of this, through Ganesh and his removal of obstacles and bringing of good fortune, and everywhere in between.

If you are ready to fully step into the fullness of your mission and all of the wonderful abundance that goes with this, this activation is for you. The information pre-recording details how best to use it for your highest and best good.

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