The Art of Being Sovereign

You are a powerful being.

The fact that you have no idea of your own power, and allow yourself to be buffeted around like a leaf in the wind is down to the fact that you have not claimed your sovereignty yet

I can tell you this because I have been undergoing tests recently to help me establish my sovereignty over my space, and everything that goes with it. You may have found yourself going through similar, and i think this year is about establishing this very thing for all of us, in order to build upon this most solid of foundations that is coming in with a Universal One Year. Sovereignty covers many things. Frequency, choice, space, direction, and most importantly translates into what you manifest. If you are NOT sovereign over your space, frequency etc then you will find that even if you do well with manifestation most of the time, it isn't always a smooth ride, and that your point of attraction frankly ain't all that.

Let's be perfectly clear here. When I say Sovereign I mean MASTER. You master your ability to ride your emotions to discover things about yourself without drowning in them, you master your space, and have good boundaries as a by-product of the fact that you very firmly reject that which doesn't suit your frequency, your space, your purpose, your direction. Sovereignty and clarity go hand in hand. You can't be a master if you're muddy. This is a fact. What you desire can change, but you will always have clarity and make no apologies for this when it happens. Cats embody sovereignty. I've been given this animal totem repeatedly over the past few days. Have you ever seen a cat that didn't do things exactly on it's own terms? Exactly.

Service and people pleasing are two separate things and they need to be seen as such. True service is the expression of your soul's gifts in a way which benefits others whilst expanding your energy and elevating your to heights of joy that you haven't experienced before. People pleasing is the practice of putting your desires on the back burner to make others happy, it's self sacrificial and it denies your truth, that glorious song that you came here specifically to sing. You didn't come here to dance around to other people's tunes. Let's face it though, we were all brought up to do exactly that, told to 'listen to your elders and betters' 'to tow the line' to 'do as you're told' etc etc etc. To what end exactly? perpetuate the fallacy that happiness is an outside job and that other people are responsible for your state of mind and state of being. It's time to chuck all of that in the bin

So basically this is the year where you claim your sovereignty, as it is the key to living your life the way that you intended it when you came here. Decide that your true soul's desires are non-negotiable. They are the seat of your power and purpose in this lifetime. Say no to anything that interferes with this, and also understand that there will be tests along the way. True sovereignty is when your frequency is untouched regardless of what is going on around you. Remember, you ARE a Queen, of your life. Not a slave in someone else's

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