Birthing and Rebirthing - This week's energy

If you watch this video through to the end I have given an activation from my new Embodiment of the Goddess Modality, from Goddess Yemanya, who is the mother of the waters, and assists in clearing and releasing that which no longer serves, and creating fertile conditions and opportunities for expansion, elevation and increased levels of joy and creativity. She is a little like a softer version of Kali, removing the old and worn out and birthing the new and improved.

I will be giving many more of these ativations and much more besides as part of the Sacred Sexuality Course which starts on August 2nd 2017. The deadline for sign up is July 26th, I have spaces for 10 peopl outside of my Unlimited University people, and the link to read about this and book yourself in is here

Much love to all of you xxx

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