DNA Activation

Each time more DNA is activated, all of the extra light comes in and shakes loose all of the buried unhelpful programs you are running which no longer serve what you are becoming. These programs don’t just cover belief systems. They cover behaviour, understanding, thinking, functions and a whole heap more.

As you grow, you continuously shed the you who you were and expand into a new version, more suited to your bigger expression.

This process never stops. It will however cause you to feel stuck if you’re not prepared to acknowledge and face the stuff that once served you which is now sabotaging you, and fully release it, and step into the new.

The kicker of this is that the ego, built to keep you safe, will fight this process every single time because it fears the unknown, it fears change, it wants to stay in the same comfortable rut because this is a known quantity.

If you choose to listen to your fear rather than face it and power through it with whatever assistance is necessary, you will remain in the same place, an unsung song, a play that stopped after the first couple of acts, unresolved, unexpressed.

Courage is always required to grow because that voice of fear will always try to have its say even though it has nothing useful to offer.

The good news is that the more you say ‘F.U’ to your fear, the quieter the fear voice gets, until it gets to the point where you are no longer poleaxed by the prospect of change, but rather find it exhilarating, enjoying the slight frisson you experience each time you are faced with the prospect of staying in your rut or growing in the way your soul wants.

And you can tell when you’re really in your power because your attitude is ‘bring it’. With this comes clarity, instant decision making, actions that follow words, and the understanding that talk is meaningless unless there is an action to back it up. Sometimes the action might be scary, sometimes it may be surprising (action doesn’t necessarily mean throwing yourself off a cliff or being really busy - it means doing the ONE THING that you are being nudged is your next step, and doing it fucking now, not next week or next month, because your power is ALWAYS in the present moment)

So, standing in your power means emulating this understanding and following through until it becomes more comfortable. And then you keep going, step, step, step.

And then suddenly before you know it the person you were, the small scared cowering bundle who lived in a rut and didn’t know any different, has blossomed into all you ever previously wanted to be, until you get bored and decide that you want to become and express something different again. And so the process begins again. It never stops. You are a limitless being, but the only way to embody this is to keep taking those steps, activate what is necessary to be the person who easily has the thing, and never ever give in to fear, to comfortable, to the rut.

Stop and ask yourself right now what it is that you desire more than anything and what is the first step to being the person that is, does and has that? Then go take that step, regardless of what it is.

Lys Campbell/Dynamic Intention

#GrowthHacker for pioneering visionaries who don’t give a fuck for normal.

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