Sexuality and Spirituality - You can't have one without the other.

When was the last time you had a really good orgasm that wasn't solo?

Have you had to think about that for more than two seconds then it was too long ago.

Now think about the last time that you connected with someone who turned into an amazing client, who brought your best work out of you, who paid you in full and up front with no messing around, and it all felt easy. Graceful. Joyful.

Is that causing similar memory delving? Yes, thought so.

You see, as women we are so fucking focused on giving, on doing for others, and yes, on looking after ourselves (card-carrying member of the Beyoncé nominated ‘independent woman’ brigade here :-)) that we have forgotten how to receive.

Not receiving in business, intuitively, financially carries through into the bedroom too.

We as women have become so cut off from who we are as sexual beings because we are so used to doing things the logical, sensible, strategy and formula way with every part of our lives.

And that energy is all about doing.

It is masculine, it is forceful, it is thrusting (oo-er) and it gets things done.

But it's also the energy that when unbalanced creates overwhelm, burnout, and frankly a shit sex life.

When we’re in that energy men get complacent, lazy and don't try to please us because we've taken over their role.

You may argue that you're just fine thanks, but really, truly, how is this working out for you? Do you really want a life where you're left to satisfy yourself. Where sex is a chore? (Because it’s shit so why bother?) It feels like you have to whip and cajole clients to get them where they need to be? Or would you rather open your receiving channels, be the goddess you are in her full glory, enjoy life and all of the abundance it has to offer including (but not limited to) the multiple orgasms, fantastic sex, delicious lifestyle, a ripe overflowing creativity and spirituality and spontaneity which your soul is longing for?

Because you are capable of all of these things without compromise. Without shame, without judgement, or any of the other fracking nonsense that societies try to heap on women for being, well, women over the past multiple millennia.

Most of the light workers I see are disconnected in quite a major way from their sexuality, and sex and spirit go hand in hand.

The true energy of creation is also that of riproaringly amazing sex, unabashed, no holds barred, the union of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine in a sacred marriage which brings forth beautiful fruit.

If you want to sort out your intuitive gifts, your money situation, your business, and your balance you can't ignore this relationship which is at the heart of everything including you. And if it is off, you'll be seeing that in everything around you, including your sex life, your money, and the rest.

If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement and wondering how you can sort out your divine relationship (and all of the other stuff) it is time we talked.

Currently taking applications and deposits for 12 soul client women who recognise that it's time to fully heal their relationship with themselves in all of these areas, for my ‘Embodiment of the Goddess’ (5D blueprint alignment) retreat here in Majorca from September 14 till the 28th

Email me for details or drop me a PM on FB

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