Time to Shine - This week's energy report


This is the theme for this week. Of course how that looks for you is entirely personal to you. Authenticity, a much quoted soundbite of a word, is key here, and the ability to see what it is that you truly feel most inspired by in relation to your particular mission on this planet.

To read more about 'How to be a Crystal' (including links to sign up) http://www.dynamicintention.net/how-be-crystal

To read more (and sign up) for Sacred Sexuality http://www.dynamicintention.net/sacred-sexuality-course

To sign up for Friday's Masterclass on speedy shifting of blocks on all levels (for $155) https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12049661&appointment...

To read about (and book in for) the Galactic Origins Soul Purpose Journey http://www.dynamicintention.net/co-creating-magic

To join me on facebook bit.ly/awakeneddivinity

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