The Truth about the Balance of Giving and Receiving

This mercury retrograde in Capricorn which we are in the shadow of is really highlighting to me how once we've cleared our blocks, it is up to us to ground our new reality in by making different choices, by actively engaging our free will and being the change we wish to see in our collective and individual worlds. I am here to teach the protocol of success through my work and how can i teach that if i don't demonstrate it? I find myself asking this question today

One of the things that I have done as part of my own journey is spend a lot of money on developing myself (at least £6k in the past year alone, without counting things that have been purely for my business's function and expansion). I invest in myself constantly, take leaps of faith involving money, involving that most precious commodity (my time), involving focus and commitment and dedication. This has been constant and is on going. I don't believe in scrabbling around for freebies and making excuses about putting off my highest and best good because there's something more important to spend my money on, because i KNOW that when I invest in myself first it leads to the other stuff getting sorted out much more quickly. I have proven this to myself time and time again. If I were to tell you how much money I have going out monthly on investments in my own growth, you might well be shocked and say 'but how can you afford that?'. My answer to you would be 'how can i afford not to?' I am here to grow and to learn and to recognise the fact that these things are a priority for me, therefore I invest in them because I don't want to stay where i am, I want to move forwards and continue to expand myself, my work, my knowledge, my energy, my world, and I understand that in order to do these things that there is an exchange required, and that the Universe always more than covers that which I am prepared to invest in myself and my growth

Now, during the course of my daily life I interact with a lot of lightworkers and I notice a pattern amongst many of them which saddens me and yes, I'll admit it, frustrates me too, and I feel duty bound to talk about it, to express what i feel about what i see, and offer some perspective on it also, as well as to admit my own part in creating this pattern I am drawing into my life (and therefore noticing) through my own actions. I do this in the hope that this will wake people up to where they are sabotaging themselves so that they can make different choices and create something better for themselves. I realise that not everyone will wake up, that not everyone is ready, and that's fine. If my words do something to help even a couple of people, I know I've done a good job.

On a daily basis I see people who say they wish to grow failing to make any true commitment to this, giving in to fear that if they spend money on their development that somehow they won't have anything left and that they will become destitute and end up in a cardboard box. I see them moving around, jumping on anything free that they can find and wanting help from others when they are not willing to take the leap of faith to help themselves. I see them clamouring for whatever they can get without having to give anything for it, as if this will somehow sort out their issues.

The Universe is always listening to you and wants to help you. The Universe is endlessly abundant. The Universe however, needs you to meet it half way. When you ask for help, that help is always presented to you. It is up to you to take the action step to meet it, and make a commitment. If you are not prepared to do this, you remain stuck. This is a harsh truth, and one that needs to be understood. Growth means growing beyond your blocks and challenges, facing your fears and showing yourself that they aren't true. Failing to take the action step of committing yourself, whether it's financially or timewise or both, means that you are showing the Universe that you don't really want change. Changing your life takes courage, it doesn't just fall into your lap, no matter how hard you wish. It can all happen very easily indeed, don't get me wrong, but there is always a requirement for you to do your bit. Manifesting our new house in Mallorca is a case in point with this. If i'd have sat on my arse and refused to spend my money on the flights that were required and the hotel etc (and my partner didn't chip in with any of this). It took listening to the guidance i was getting and spending a couple of thousand pounds of my money on pure faith to spend that week in Mallorca to connect with the house, if I hadn't we'd be staying in Bristol in 2017. It is because I trusted and did what was being asked of me immediately and without question (and, might i add, by the seat of my pants, we flew to Mallorca to our hotel with precisely £200 left in my bank account to feed and entertain us for the week as well as cover outgoing bills, and that faith was rewarded with a further flow of income to cover everything that we needed and more).

In the past week I have spent over $1000 more on my business and further development, on top of the money I have already invested over the course of this year. I know that all of this is necessary and is part of my forwards journey and my part of the deal for creating the life and the business that i see for myself, as part of my soul's plan. I will continue to invest in my growth with whatever is required from me, knowing that I am always looked after and that this is HOW i develop and grow and can serve more and more powerfully. When the Universe pulls me forwards i listen. Are you listening when you are being called forwards? I want you to ask yourself this and be totally, brutally honest with your answer. Or, are you stalling, making excuses, and scrabbling around looking for things to somehow land in your lap with no money spent, no real investment from you?

Listen, I know how it is - I've felt that fear, I've made excuses (admittedly not many of them for a long time) and seen myself standing still and wondered why things weren't moving. At the end of the day the only reason why i have ever stood still was me. It wasn't anyone else's fault. I was responsible for my own lack of movement. Everyone loves a freebie. I get that. Freebies won't ever get you where you want to be though, because the bottom line is that if you can't take that final step and give two fingers to your own fear, whether it's fear of spending money on your own growth, fear of being more, fear of being seen, fear of stepping into your truth (your higher self by the way can actually suffer from a lack perspective if there are soul level blocks that need to come out, we'll talk about that another time, but this is not where your higher self wishes to be, believe me, it wants you to take charge and change things by making a commitment, a decision, a choice). The fact is that we can have all the healing in the world and if we don't anchor it in by taking new actions that are aligned with the healing we've had, things can revert back to where they were. Breaking a pattern means deciding to take the physical action steps to anchor and ground in the change you have made on an energetic level. This is a fact, one that i have proven to myself time and again

Whilst i will continue to produce free healing videos to help people, and give freely in a way that feels comfortable to me, the final steps are up to you. I am no longer prepared to support people who aren't prepared to help themselves by stepping up to the plate and owning what they desire and taking the proper steps to create it because when i support victim behaviour I enable it and i am here to EMPOWER you, and I fully understand what that requires. It requires me to say a strong NO to anything i see that even remotely smacks of victim mentality. You'll either step up when i do this, or you'll fall away because you aren't ready to own your power. This is your decision, not mine. I can't make it for you, but i can support you when you decide to commit to your growth by owning it, by investing in it and by saying 'YES, I DESIRE THIS AND I AM WORTHY'.

All of this means that i am developing a zero tolerance policy on people I see in my vicinity who are perpetuating any kind of victimhood. When i see any of you asking for free readings, free healings, free this, free that at every opportunity (don't forget i observe what is going on across all the groups that I am in, not just my own lol), i am going to pull you up on it lovingly and ask you why you aren't owning your desires and committing to moving towards them 'all in'. I wouldn't be doing my job if i didn't do this, and believe me, whilst i don't take life seriously i do take my job very seriously indeed. It is one thing to enjoy the odd freebie. It is quite another to base your entire growth plan on this (and it doesn't work, if anything it leaves you confused, with a total lack of clarity, direction and the rest). It doesn't matter to me whether you spend the money with me or with someone else. What does matter is that you spend money in the way the Universe is directing you to, utilising this wonderful energy of exchange to give for what you wish to receive. This will be obvious to you because of who you are being presented with. Cut the phrase 'I can't afford it' out of your vocabulary unless you want to spend the rest of your life saying it (what you focus on expands), and instead decide that you are loved, you are supported and that even if it takes what you have in your account to commit to what you are being presented with, that money is covered (because it is). This is how you create real life transformation. I am living walking proof of this and i will continue to shout it from the rooftops until people listen, and beyond this point. The law of cause and effect in action.



Thank you, Lys!! This resonated so strongly with me. I realize that I've been holding myself back because of fear without really seeing what was happening. Bless you!


I instantly knew that what I desired would be found through the Unlimited University, but that is so much money. I felt the fear taking over. After an hour of that awfulness, I decided no more, signed up, and that level of fear is gone. Be brave and move in faith. We are never alone.

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