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Why Other People's Systems Just Don't Work For True Pioneers

This is a subject I know A LOT about, as a pioneer myself and someone who has tried using other people's systems for my own success, and failed each tie. The reason why? Because i didn't come here to follow in someone else's footsteps. I came here to create change, not support old ways. And if you are sat here reading this and you have bought into systems, blueprints and formulas and wound up disappointed each and every time, then i can tell you right now that you are like me.

DNA Activation

Each time more DNA is activated, all of the extra light comes in and shakes loose all of the buried unhelpful programs you are running which no longer serve what you are becoming. These programs don’t just cover belief systems. They cover behaviour, understanding, thinking, functions and a whole heap more.

As you grow, you continuously shed the you who you were and expand into a new version, more suited to your bigger expression.

The Money Hack

This week we are taking an alchemical flamethrower to your money bullshit (and self worth issues) and activaring some stuff around this at the same time with my Dynamic Power Protocol 'Money' and the assistance of my higher self .


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