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Sexuality and Spirituality - You can't have one without the other.

When was the last time you had a really good orgasm that wasn't solo?

Have you had to think about that for more than two seconds then it was too long ago.

Now think about the last time that you connected with someone who turned into an amazing client, who brought your best work out of you, who paid you in full and up front with no messing around, and it all felt easy. Graceful. Joyful.

Is that causing similar memory delving? Yes, thought so.

The 5th Plane Playground and how it doesn't help you

A light needs to be shone on how many lightworkers give their power away continuously without even realising it.

Yes. I'm talking rather controversially about our deference to Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters over our own gut instincts and knowing.

Don't get me wrong, I love the AMs, AAs and all the various other beings who are here to help us with our daily life.

But that's the key word here, isn't it? The word help. Not tell, not command, not instruct.

The Truth about the Balance of Giving and Receiving

This mercury retrograde in Capricorn which we are in the shadow of is really highlighting to me how once we've cleared our blocks, it is up to us to ground our new reality in by making different choices, by actively engaging our free will and being the change we wish to see in our collective and individual worlds. I am here to teach the protocol of success through my work and how can i teach that if i don't demonstrate it? I find myself asking this question today

Even healers get the blues

A couple of Sundays ago, I had a meltdown at the beach. My partner, Al, was messing around with his drone, whilst I lay on a rock in the sunshine, eyes closed and listening to the sound of the crashing waves. I felt really happy. Regardless of where I am, time spent on a beautiful beach is heaven. It’s where I’m in my element.

Just because you’re a grown-up it doesn’t mean that you have to put your toys away

No, this is not about tidying. I promise (unless of course you love housework in which case I’m very very sorry).

Do you remember when you were a kid? How you used to spend hours playing make-believe and getting lost in your own little world. Then the time came for you to go to school and play was confined to break times and there were rules and regulations. You couldn’t play marbles because they might smash the glass bottomed doors if you did a dive-bomb (honestly, what twit decided glass bottomed doors were a good idea in a primary school?)

Burn Baby Burn!

It’s been a CRAZY couple of weeks (ok, month maybe) to top off what has all-in-all been a pretty special year so far for all of us in one way or another. 2016, a Universal 9 year, which represents endings making way for the new year of 2017 which is a 1 year (watch out baby!!), has been tearing down the old by hook or by crook, and pushing us through the birth canal, so to speak, into a renaissance.

Multi-Dimensional You

The very idea of multi-dimensionality is one that the average human brain finds it very hard to handle. We look at past lives and can handle this linear concept of a chronological march of different lifetimes which have all added up to where we are standing today but the truth of how it is all organised is very different to this common conception which is fed to us by every text that talks about reincarnation.


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