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When nothing you do seems to be working

We live in such a busy world. Technology crowds us at every moment, there is always something to do, we are fed the message that we have to try hard, to be better, be more, be different, at every turn. There’s always the striving and trying, and forcing, and pushing, and work, work, work, goddamit, so much work. This is what it means to be a valid human being, this is what it means to be successful.

Swimming rather than drowning

One of the things that has become abundantly clear to me recently is how important it is to keep an eye on your personal balance at all times. I woke up yesterday morning after Rachel and the kids had gone to the airport and I had gone back to bed for a bit, and did what I always do - immediately launched myself into a cleaning, tidying and rearranging routine to turn my work space back into my work space from being a bedroom for three weeks, and our bedroom back into a bedroom from being frankly a dumpsite with a makeshift desk in it.

A New Year and it's leap of faith time!

Life here at Dynamic Intention 'Towers' (lol) has been hectic, joyful and non stop over the past couple of weeks, and it's zoomed past so fast that it only seems like yesterday we were in December looking at Christmas and planning what was going to happen, and now suddenly here we are in the New Year and looking at a whole bunch of fresh energy.

New year Messages from Above

Hi all,

It's been a lovely but tiring few days with family over Christmas and after I write this I am going to take some of my own advice and go and have a nap. Here is this coming week's message, which is brought to you by Yeshua (Jesus) who wanted to give the entire message this time around. He wants you to know that the more you can be in the moment, the more that you let go of any fears that you have been dragging around with you. There's mroe to it than that, but listen, rather than reading.

Sending you all best wishes and so much love for this coming year of 2016,

Christmas Messages from Above

Hi everyone,

It's been an interesting week here, mainly because I've been ambushed by a very rare cold (I never get ill). My team have had me on strict instructions to rest and look after myself, apparently this is old energy shifting which needs to be processed in order to be released. I have been doing some stuff with my daily energy routine which i am being told has prompted it. Better out than in is what i say!

Framing your Dream life

It's been a while since I've posted, partly because I've been busy learning new things as well as being told in no uncertain terms by my angelic team that it's time for me to increase my visibility so that the souls who have signed up to work with me who haven't yet found me can with ease.

A Message of Peace, Love & Hope from Archangel Michael

On Friday 13th November a series of horrendous and violent terrorist attacks on various locations around the globe culminated in what has become the most widely media reported attack on Paris. I wanted to get a higher perspective on everything that is going on so I asked Archangel Michael to speak through me (I am a conscious speech channel) and answer questions that i had concerning these attacks and how we are to move forwards from them.


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