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Why so serious Steve?

In the course of being a ‘grown up’ we’re constantly being told that we have to ‘take things seriously’ and ‘act your age, not your shoe size’. Thing is, how’s that working out for you?

It’s all very well to have ‘serious’ goals that you wish to achieve, but if you’re going to go about the achieving of those goals with a hairshirt on and thinking that you have to put on your best frowning face in order for people to take you ‘seriously’ then god, doesn’t it make life feel like fucking hard work?

Clarity, Purpose and Stepping into New Ventures

As we enter November I feel inspired to write about this magical month which brings a huge influx of amazing energy with it and the start of exciting new ventures which I have been preparing for quietly over the past month or so. October was very much a month for me to connect with and nurture myself so that I can take my work out 'into the world' in a more authentic way than I have done previously. Alignment is all about uncovering your soul's true desires and getting really really honest with yourself about EXACTLY what it is that you want and then making a commitment to living that.

Letting Go

One of the most important things we can do in life is to learn to let go. This has been a bit of a lesson for me this week as I have had to finally admit that a work situation that I was in wasn’t serving me or my highest good in any way shape or form, and this is something that I was holding on to because I had convinced myself I could make a go of it. The final straw came on Wednesday when I logged on to the online psychic reading service known as Oranum for what turned out to be the final time, and was hit right between the eyes by just an hour of being on there in free chat.

Healthy Personal Boundaries - an absolute necessity!

I feel as though this post could be subtitled ‘Self Care part two’ as the two are so inter-related. Without healthy boundaries which you put in place and also practice on a daily basis (by saying no to things which feel draining when people ask them of you), all of the Epsom salt baths in the world aren’t going to improve your life.

Be Your Authentic Self

We spend so much time in this world looking to other people for validation and approval, as if what we truly are within ourselves isn’t enough. I’m here today to remind everyone who reads this that this isn’t true. You are enough. Your dreams and what you truly desire for yourself are right for YOU. Not anyone else.

The Power of Gratitude

If there is one thing that I would recommend to anyone who wants to instantly improve their mindset, their emotions and consequently their life, it would be this: Gratitude. Now I know that there are a million self-help books out there espousing the necessity of daily affirmations, meditation, block-clearing via whatever means, but sometimes it can seem that there is an overwhelming ‘to do’ list of mental/emotional practices in order to ‘get to’ where you want to go.

Physician Heal Thyself

One of the things it is incumbent upon me to do as someone who is making a career of personal growth, development and therapy is to work on myself. I owe it to both myself and my clients to be absolutely the best that I can be at all times and to lead by example.

It's all about summer..and Skype.

So, it’s now August, I’ve come to the end of my diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (last Friday), my certificate is proudly in its new frame and we’ve taken delivery of my step kids for the rest of the month. I did for a moment think that I would rush straight into taking on a treatment room and trying to juggle everything over the summer, but then I took a leaf out of my own book and thought to myself ‘Wait a minute.

Are You Ready?

Over the past week I’ve been led to ponder this question a fair amount. The reason being that in the course of my work as a practitioner I meet people sometimes who say that they want my help (oddly enough), but really truly when it boils down they’re not quite at that place yet where they’re willing to actually give it their all. To commit to helping themselves. To do something other than playing the same old tune that they’ve been playing to themselves and everybody else around them possibly for as long as they can recently remember.

The Work/Life Balance

stones balancing

I’m currently in the throws of finishing up everything for my hypnotherapy diploma graduation at the end of the month and life is very busy as a result. This has got me to thinking about a few things which are related to busy times and how we function and look after ourselves properly during them.


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