The Body/Health Pack


This recording contains the following activations:

Clear all blocks on self love, acceptance and love
This is delivered using the powerful new modality i have brought through which was planned by AA MIchael and I before my current lifetime.

Perfection is not a virtue
This activation removes beliefs which create perfectionism, which does not serve you.

Shaman Beliefs
This activation removes the belief systems that cause you to take on and absorb the energies of others in order to transmute them. The Shamanic system of doing this is not helpful.

Guilty Pleasures
This activation clears up energies and belief systems that are causing you to view anything that you enjoy as a cause of guilt and a reason for self judgement..

Sickness Serves Me
Many people get sick because it is actually a cry for attention, sympathy from others and forces them to stop overdoing it on the work and caring for others front. If you are ready to ditch the programs that cause this, you will find a lot of value in this activation.

Total Body Connection
This activation clears beliefs you have around specific body parts or systems,connects you with your entire body and gives awareness that every body part is important. Gain clarity that in order to transform and ascend our bodies need to be factored into the process. When we have mind body connection and awareness our transformation quickens.

Organ Rejuvenation
This Activation allows you to focus on different areas of your body, including the muscles, skin and blood. It clears out the emotions and trauma so that your organs can rejuvenate, and you can become healthy and whole.

Weight Management.
Supplied as a separate activation this one removes unhelpful belief systems and helps to balance your hormones by removing blocks and trauma in the relevant areas so that you can manage your weight more easily

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