It's 1:1 work, but not as you've known it.

You are:-

An Adventurer

A Pioneer














Easily bored

You want:-



Cutting Edge Methods



Powerful energy

To experiment and play

More inspiration, more of the time




Magical shit

To hack, catalyze and activate even more of your own genius

Tangible results (recent clients have avoided bankruptcy, reconnected with estranged family members they'd given up on, sold houses that previously weren't even being looked at, gone deeper into their career goals, opened up massive opportunity for their businesses, ramped up their sex lives, been inundated with ideal job offers and a whole host more cool stuff)

Regular coaching tactics aren't for you. They just don't tick your boxes, float your boat or thrill you with the kind of excitement that you're after. You want an orgasmic, explosive, thrill ride which blasts your consciousness open wide, showing you more of you, bringing you to new heights, making you laugh like a child with the delight of it all. To free your pent up emotions, to explore the depths of you in a way that no one else offers. To see your own genius and marvel at it. And to be inspired by your own brilliance, reflected back at you by me, to make the moves, do the things, take the actions, explore your shadows and see how very beautiful they really are and the gifts that they've had wrapped up inside their depths, once you get over the fact that they're a bit dark and shit.

You were the kind of kid that imagined themselves as Indiana Jones, or some kind of superhero. Now you're the kind of adult that actually still knows that this is you, even if you don't share this with everyone. You like trying new things. You don't scare that easy, although sometimes you've had to hitch up your metaphorical panties and take steps that have seemed a bit risky in your life, but you got off on the rush that you experienced as a result. Most of all you understand that working with anyone including an alchemist like me, is a co-creative partnership which will take you to new heights in your life and business when you choose the right partner and commit to the journey, and are prepared to give up the old to embrace the new and the transformation that is asking you to engage with it.

The thing about BUILD is that it is a bespoke journey, intuitively led, full of surprises because that's how we roll (i've been called the Santa of Surprise magic before...), and it is open ended. Like i said, this is all about you getting exactly what you need, me doing what i love best, and together us creating magic and innovaiton in your life, and bringing you to a place where your own special magic can be front and center, giving you...self mastery and epic creation!!! I like to work intensively, intuitively, and believe firmly that variety is indeed the spice of life. So you may end up coming to stay with me as part of this, or i might come to you. We can work it out as we go along. Because this is open ended it is a monthly payment deal, from when we start to the point where either or both of us feel that there is no longer a need to go any further. Currently the baseline rate is $5000 per month, payable in advance via paypal, with expenses for travel components (if i visit you, or you come to stay with me) arranged as an extra on top (we can discuss as we go along).

One more thing. As a private client you receive automatic membership to The Passion Portal as part of the deal, during our time working together (current value $88.99 per month), Reboot 10 (complete with all automatic upgrades, current value $299) and also any other side stuff i fancy throwing in because i feel inspired to ( i like to follow my own heart on this stuff so be prepared for surprises). We will work a lot, but it will feel like play. And none of it will follow a formula because we both know that we're allergic to that shit, right?

To apply, all you need to do (other than have the money ready to get started straight away, because that's always how i roll), is email me or message me via Facebook , giving me some background info on you and be prepared for a bit of a to and fro. If you KNOW that you want to go ahead we will then arrange a call if we feel it's necessary.