Conscious Creation

You're in transition. You're quickly becoming more conscious of who you are really, and of the fact that you create your experience in this life. The thing is, all these manifestation processes which are being touted around seem complicated, time consuming, and one step short of being asked to pat your head, rub your belly and spin around in 18 circles whilst tapping your face on one foot, making an offering to the goddess at midnight on a full moon, and frankly you aren't interested in doing ANY of this. You are interested in fast moving, powerful and simple processes that don't take up 8 hours of your day or require writing lines, chanting endlessly, or anything else that is just, for you, not really feeling appealing.

You want to tap into your innate power and direct it for your highest good, and that of others. You want to create wonderful things in your life and have that spill out to others too. You want to change the world, starting with you, to create ripples, waves, to do so much. To feel fulfilled, satisfied. To fall into bed every night with a big smile on your face, night after night. To not feel lost anymore, to talk to your guides, to receive their messages, to know beyond a shadow of a doubt the details of the plan your soul has for you which is stored in your heart and has been playing hide and seek with you.

And, what is more, you want to do all of this feeling supported, confident, creative, conscious. To KNOW that you are choosing your experience, and to have the evidence of this presented to you, to experience all of the things that you choose for yourself with ease and grace, to laugh, love, enjoy, flow, in all areas. Money, love, your surroundings. All of it

Conscious Creation is possible without all the endless rituals. Imagine working with 6 very simple pillars which in fact are part of living a balanced life anyway ( for example tuning into your body and understanding what it needs in terms of food and exercise without having to guess?), and clearing all the blocks that have held you back before with ease and grace, just using simple recordings that you can listen to when you go to bed if you wish, or when you wake up, or anytime you feel a bit awkward and heavy (always a sign that your energy could do with a spruce up, and energy is key when it comes to getting quick results with creation). Imagine enjoying a life where when you decide you'd like to create something new you just work with these pillars which fit neatly into your day, and then voila, the experiences and the things happen, because you are creating them, without any fuss, and fully aware of what you are doing. No more default setting.

Everything in this course I use myself, the Akashic reboot 7 being my own daily energy practice which is powerful, quick, easy. The Dynamic Alchemy protocols which target very specific things (such as clairvoyance, balance of mind, body and soul, and more), and the meditations which are super simple, very effective and get you connecting with the inner guidance that you have waiting for you locked up inside of YOU

Shift to higher timelines
Clear blocks
Align your energy with your dreams held in your energetic vortex and watch those dreams pop out of your vortex with ease
Learn a much more powerful and effective way of doing affirmations (which you only need say once each)
Magnetize the people, circumstances and richness that you desire to connect with
Activate your intuitive abilities
Raise your vibration and feel the difference this makes to your overall state of being
Get fully acquainted with your purpose and bring it forwards from within you

Really, for $297 (value of $434) it's a no brainer, right?

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