The Empath Emergency Pack


Are you an Empath who has trouble dealing with all of the energies, feelings, vibrations and emotions that you sense, pick up on and even find yourself taking on and attempting to transmute for people around you and the collective?

If you are, then this pack is for you. I used to have a real time of it myself with my empathic abilities until i got to the root of why i had them, and started clearing all of the autoresponse settings which most of my empath programs had running. Put simply, empath programs and victim programs are essentially one and the same. And as we all know, victimhood isn't helpful and doesn't assist you in doing the amazing work you have come here to do, creating the change you wish to see or being the powerhouse that deep inside you know you are. Particularly when every world event knocks you sideways with all the trauma that filters into your field leaving you gasping for breath, drowning in grief, sorrow and generally feeling hopeless and like you want to go to bed, pull the covers over your head and never interact with anyone again. The fact is that you have work to do and it's not easy to do it when you are falling over with the weight of the chaos that is going on out there

And this, my dear friend is exactly why i have poured my own knowledge and expertise from sorting out all my own empathic issues into this pack so that others may benefit from doing the same. It's time for you to stand strong, and do your work. Not to drown in world drama and feel poleaxed by tragedy on a daily basis.

This pack contains a special Empath's Reboot 6 which clears all of the key empath issues so that you can be fully in your own energy and connected with your purpose rather than other people's trauma and drama on a personal, professional or global level, as well as anything that is no longer serving your highest good, and downloads new more supportive energies, programs, feelings and frequencies. It also contains a separate healing recording to clear fear based 3D stuff, assist you with your personal sovereignty, become more present and shine your light more brightly regardless of what is going on around you, as well as a PDF to give you further advice and assistance, and the Inner child reconnection activation which is a soul retrieval, to call back and reinsert all missing soul fragments which splintered during previous traumas. And last but not least a new activation to connect you to the New Earth Cosmic Grid, Sacred Earth and the Sacred Elements, and disconnect you from the old fear based grids.

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