Ho Tei & Friend's Happy Holidays Healing


This half hour healing track features 528 hz solfeggio music to repair your DNA and activate your heart chakra, as well as an energy field clearance and alignment with the frequencies of love, prosperity, abundance and fun. This is just the beginning. Mother Mary, Ho Tei and Abundantia in turn connect you with the virtues of patience, compassion, unconditional love, laughter, fun, joy, wonder, and your own innate abundance. To finish the job, Arcturian Red Dragon energy from Om my Arcturian guide, and then a reboot to remove all blocks to being permanently connected to the 5D Christ Consciousness, followed by the Mother Earth Activation which grounds you in to the security of feeling fully supported by our beloved Gaia. You can listen to this whenever you feel the woe of the world are upon you and it will uplift you, and fill you with love, joy and laughter so that you can sail through your day!

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