Here's where you find guided meditations, the full Akashic Reboot to clear all of your blocks and sacred activation packages.

Sacred Activations prompt powerful healing, removing hundreds or even thousands of limiting beliefs and old energies which don't serve you. They activate your sacred geometry, clear through negative and destructive energies which you've been holding, unplug you from the collective consciousness in the areas that they work in, clear through the relevant parts of your akashic records, genetic lines, the collective subconscious and more, plug you into higher consciousness grids such as the 5D grid and are wonderful to heal all areas of your life. They are the main modality i now work with because they are so powerful and effective. Buying these audio tracks is a highly cost effective way to work with me. There is a description of what each of these activations is for and what they do with each one. Each activation takes between 24 hours and 3 months to fully integrate and take effect after one listen, although they can be used multiple times. Some of these are actually recommended to be listened to more than once for deeper clearing and healing. These are marked.

Do not, under any circumstances listen to these meditations or activations whilst driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be very dangerous.

Nothing Can Harm You


This Dynamic Alchemy Protocol (a new activation modality i have recently co-created with Source) is the equivalent of 8 old style activations in one and focuses on dissolving all belief systems and energies that support conflict, war, competition, the 'battle' of good v evil (in truth all is divine, this war of separation and judgment is a drama that serves no one), as well as 'immunising' you against chemtrails, GMOs, environmntal pollutants etc etc etc by removing belief systems that allow them to affect you, so that you can do your purposeful work without being victim to these ou

Price: £29.00

Activate Your Potential


This pack contains 9 brand new very powerful activations which I downloaded from Source, specifically designed to clear out programs, beliefs, energies and stories which are keeping you stuck, in resistance to your abilities, possibilities, growth and evolution and in any way giving your power away and keeping yourself in the illusion that you are not able to move forwards, take the necessary actions, make wise decisions, collaborate with your soul mate partners, clients, teachers, and grow with ease, grace, joy, and yes, big fucking quantum jumps that don't leave you on the floor o

Price: £111.00

Womb Healing Activation


This activation clears and transmutes all trauma, unhelpful belief systems, energies, vibrations, frequencies from your wombs cells and your sacral chakra, across all levels of your being including soul and genetic level, and the collective. It enhances your creative and receptive abilities and enables you to embody the divine mother energy more fully - which means a greater capability to experience abundance of all kinds.

Price: £25.00

Light Language for New Earth


This self-study course is designed to activate you into your remembrance of light language so that you can help yourself and others to align with the truth of all that you are.

Light languages are what we spoke and communicated with before we forgot who we were, and they provide us with a direct communication tool with Source and our guides and higher/other aspects of our beings as well as powerful key codes for Ascension, expansion and healing purposes.

Price: £177.00

Kali and Qu'an Yin Activation pack


These two Embodiment of the Goddess Activations are the balance for each other. Kali is the destroyer of ego/shadow and the work that she does brings up, transmutes and integrates shadow aspects of your being. She literally moves through your cells slaying fear each time you do this activation and continues to do so for 24-48 hours afterwards. You will probably need a large nap - the first time i gave this to myself after i downloaded the activation i went to bed for a 5 hour nap in the middle of the day. I also found myself stepping into my own power in a much more palpable way.

Price: £39.00

The Empath Emergency Pack


Are you an Empath who has trouble dealing with all of the energies, feelings, vibrations and emotions that you sense, pick up on and even find yourself taking on and attempting to transmute for people around you and the collective?

Price: £111.00

The Soul Purpose Journey


The Soul Purpose Journey is a specially designed guided trip into your records to connect with the lifetimes that have the most bearing on what you are here to do in this one, and a meeting with your Soul Council to connect with your primary soul gifts, next steps and greater mission.

Price: £300.00

The Speedy Block Clearing Masterclass


How to easily and gracefully release blocks on and across all levels of your being with minimum fuss and maximum speed. This 2 hour masterclass recording contains the full reboot with attention to releasing all blocks to instantly releasing blocks and restrictions with ease and grace, and receiving instant downloads of upgrades to your programs that do serve your highest and best good. As well as a tutorial in how to then release your blocks on all levels of your being, anywhere and everywhere as you notice them.

Price: £115.00

36 Strand DNA Activation


This masterclass showcases my very own DNA activation, alignment and upgrade method which I downloaded from Source. In it I conduct a 36 strand DNA activation, re-alignment and upgrade with the help of my galactic guides and the personal etheric physicians of each person who experiences it. The benefits of this process are removal of that which is not in alignment with your highest good at a cellular level, allowing the true perfection and magnificence of you to shine through, as originally intended by the Creator of All That Is.

Price: £177.00