Here's where you find guided meditations, the full Akashic Reboot to clear all of your blocks and sacred activation packages.

Sacred Activations prompt powerful healing, removing hundreds or even thousands of limiting beliefs and old energies which don't serve you. They activate your sacred geometry, clear through negative and destructive energies which you've been holding, unplug you from the collective consciousness in the areas that they work in, clear through the relevant parts of your akashic records, genetic lines, the collective subconscious and more, plug you into higher consciousness grids such as the 5D grid and are wonderful to heal all areas of your life. They are the main modality i now work with because they are so powerful and effective. Buying these audio tracks is a highly cost effective way to work with me. There is a description of what each of these activations is for and what they do with each one. Each activation takes between 24 hours and 3 months to fully integrate and take effect after one listen, although they can be used multiple times. Some of these are actually recommended to be listened to more than once for deeper clearing and healing. These are marked.

Do not, under any circumstances listen to these meditations or activations whilst driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be very dangerous.

Full Akashic Reboot Mark 6 - Course in instant download


This recording removes all blocks that no longer serve your absolute highest and best good, on all levels. It also connects you with the 5D Christ consciousness of love, unity and abundance, and unplugs you from the 3D grid of fear, pain and suffering. This is the same process I use in my group healing sessions with clients, and it is yours to buy and use whenever you are ready to let go of that which no longer serves your growth. It is powerful, it is fast and it is permanent.

Price: £111.00

The Body/Health Pack


This recording contains the following activations:

Clear all blocks on self love, acceptance and love
This is delivered using the powerful new modality i have brought through which was planned by AA MIchael and I before my current lifetime.

Perfection is not a virtue
This activation removes beliefs which create perfectionism, which does not serve you.

Price: £55.00

Psychic Gifts activations


This pack is a recording of one of my weekly 'Activate Your Abundance' webinars which are held on Monday evenings

It contains 7 activations and they are as follows:

Clear all blocks to self worth, worthiness and being one with Creator
This is delivered using the powerful new modality i have brought through which was planned by AA MIchael and I before my current lifetime.

Price: £55.00

Relationship Activation Pack


This recorded webinar comes in 2 parts (both of which are supplied here) and contains all of the following 14 activations:

Price: £88.00

Mother Mary Sacred Activation


The Mother Mary Sacred Activation is for use AFTER the Christ consciousness awareness activation, it's the next step up. This activation brings you into a state of love and non judgement for your fellow man/woman and helps you to see them through the eyes of Mother Mary, as if they are your child. It will bring you into an awareness of when you judge others unconsciously as part of this process so that you can release these patterns and move into a state of being which is based even more on unconditional love and acceptance.

Price: £20.00

The Life/Soul Purpose Pack


This pack of activations is specifically designed to bring you into alignment with your life/soul purpose so that you can start to organise and focus yourself on what you need to do. The activations range from the Lord Metatron 12 strand DNA activation which is your birthright, through activations to pull you out of victim mentality, invisibility and the various self sabotage mechanisms that we as humans tend to employ which keep us from being all that we can be.

Price: £147.00

Alchemy of the Third Dimension Sacred Activation


This activation disconnects you from the fear, suffering, and control grids and collective consciousness of the third dimension and connects you to the unconditional love of the fifth dimension. It allows you to release illusory beliefs and to perceive truth through the love of the Christ Consciousness which is all about unity, harmony and unconditional love. It helps you to stand fully in your power and speak your truth.

Price: £20.00

Planetary Alignment Sacred Activation


Planetary Alignment - This Sacred activation aligns your energy bodies with the transformative energies of the planets and releases blocks which are preventing smooth transitions. It helps to you to shift with the flow of planetary energies and minimizes upheaval associated with astrological events. New moon intention setting and manifestation are souped right up Full moon sees a much easier and deeper release of negative energies which are ready to go.

Price: £20.00

Mercury Retrograde in Balance Sacred Activation


This sacred activation literally brings balance to you so that you can work with your own energies and that of a retrograde smoothly, easily, and with markedly less trauma. Since i started working with this activation myself I've found that I'm a powerhouse of inspiration during retrograde and am able to laugh off any mishaps with ease. Emotional balance and the ability to see the positive and flow with it whilst others around you are being knocked off centre is the thing i have noticed most, along with the ability to flow with new ideas without worry.

Price: £20.00

Mercury Retrograde Pack


This pack contains four activations which I have been guided to put together for alleviation of the typical stresses that most people experience during retrogrades. The first two activations are specifically for the the astrological changes and the second two are for clearing your chakras and keeping you nicely grounded.

It contains the following activations:

Price: £44.00