Mercury Retrograde Pack


This pack contains four activations which I have been guided to put together for alleviation of the typical stresses that most people experience during retrogrades. The first two activations are specifically for the the astrological changes and the second two are for clearing your chakras and keeping you nicely grounded.

It contains the following activations:

Planetary Alignment - This Sacred activation aligns your energy bodies with the transformative energies of the planets and releases blocks which are preventing smooth transitions. It helps to you to shift with the flow of planetary energies and minimizes upheaval associated with astrological events. New moon intention setting and manifestation are souped right up Full moon sees a much easier and deeper release of negative energies which are ready to go. The unsettling effects of Mercury retrograde are greatly reduced and you are brought into alignment with the Earth's evolution.

Mercury Retrograde in Balance - This sacred activation literally brings balance to you so that you can work with your own energies and that of a retrograde smoothly, easily, and with markedly less trauma. Since i started working with this activation myself I've found that I'm a powerhouse of inspiration during retrograde and am able to laugh off any mishaps with ease. Emotional balance and the ability to see the positive and flow with it whilst others around you are being knocked off centre is the thing i have noticed most, along with the ability to flow with new ideas without worry. In the words of a client who I have already given this activation to: 'Did the two latest activations you sent (Mercury Retrograde in Balance & Alchemy of 3rd dimension) last night. Was feeling totally off balance. Woke up this morning ready to conquer the world.'

Fruit of Life: The Fruit of Life sacred activation activates your fruit of life sacred geometry, opens, clears and aligns your 13 chakras and releases energies and beliefs that are held within your chakras that are ready to be let go of. This activation is ideal for regular use to clear your chakras and is also a powerful clearing tool to make way for other activations so that they can integrate more quickly and easily when you use them. I recommend using this at least once every three days.

Mother Earth: This activation connects you to the heart chakra of Mother Earth, your home whilst you're in this body, grounding you deeply, diminishing anxiety and helping you to feel supported, safe and deeply loved, as well as opening you up so that you can communicate more easily with the elementals (fairies etc), and connecting you more fully to nature. It is ideal for daily use if you find yourself easily ungrounded and regular use helps to manifest greater abundance into your physical experience as being fully grounded is an essential part of this process.

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