Multidimensional You

Are you ready for a 6 week personal journey into your Akashic records?

One of the most transformative experiences on my own personal spiritual journey has been working in the Akashic records. As it turns out for me it is one of the primary parts of my mission in this lifetime as I work in them in between lifetimes. I felt a strong pull towards the records before i even really understood what they are. The chances are if you're reading this that you've been feeling that same pull.

We are all multidimensional spiritual beings having a human experience. Journeying into your own records shows you this and helps you to unravel the mysteries of why you are the way you are, what happened along the way, the energies that affect you from other aspects of your being and why, and so much more. This is done through looking at past, present and future lives, through exploration of the soul contracts you are working with, through examination of your programs, the vows you have made and more, energies and emotions that are still held by you from your various different existences.

In this 6 week online course i lead you on a journey into your records so that you can see for yourself how truly unlimited you are, as well as all of the ways in which you have limited yourself, in order to learn and grow. You will develop a deeper understanding of your true nature, of your challenges, and how to overcome them, of timelines, of the history of this beautiful planet that we live on, and more. You will not be the same person at the end as the one who went in as you will shed so much that is not truly you through this process. You also receive the Akashic reboot audio to work with to dissolve your blocks as you work through this course. If you are ready to be free from that which is holding you back, whilst delving into who you are, then you are definitely in the right place!

This course is the prequel to the Akashic Reboot Certification course which i am currently developing and is a prerequisite for taking this further course when it comes out.

Along with all of this goodness you'll be learning that there's more than one way into your records, and getting to be truly at ease with bouncing into them at a moments notice without lengthy ceremony.

If you're ready for the adventure of this life, and to take full responsibility for your own healing, understanding and elevation then this course is for you

The price for this life changing experience is via 6 monthly installments of $130 or one single payment of $777

Enroll for the course here for the 6 month payment plan or here for the single payment option

'I just wanted to say, I did this course a month or 2 ago and it was astonishing!! I can use this phrase and mean it, it was life changing!!' - Genevieve Joyner