Relationship Activation Pack


This recorded webinar comes in 2 parts (both of which are supplied here) and contains all of the following 14 activations:

Christ Consciousness Awareness:This activates your flower of life, aligns your upper and lower heart chkras, clears out energies and beliefs to do with self judgement and suffering, unplugs you from the fear, pain and suffering grids and plugs you into the 5D christ consciousness, which is beautiful. A really uplifting and wonderful activation which is administered by Yeshua and you may well experience him when you are having this activation.

Inner Child Reconnection: This activation retrieves lost soul fragments which splintered during past trauma, cleans and returns them to you, clearing the energy of the trauma and making you whole again. It brings your power back from where it has been scattered around the Universe.

Lust Cheater: This activation clears the energy of cheating, and sexual infidelity, from your life and your relationships.

Hidden Agendas: This activation gives clarity about the motivations that underlie the actions of others. These are often unconscious, and often arise from unresolved contracts or agreements from other lifetimes.

Mother Mary:The Mother Mary Sacred Activation is for use AFTER the Christ consciousness awareness activation, it's the next step up. This activation brings you into a state of love and non judgement for your fellow man/woman and helps you to see them through the eyes of Mother Mary, as if they are your child. It will bring you into an awareness of when you judge others unconsciously as part of this process so that you can release these patterns and move into a state of being which is based even more on unconditional love and acceptance.

Yesterday's News:This activation helps you disconnect from your past so you don’t recreate the same events in your future clearing your subconscious and freeing your genetics.

Are you a martyr? Do you find yourself sacrificing your own well being and needs for those of others? Are you often depleted and exhausted by your constant selflessness in the face of supporting other people? This activation brings balance into your life and teaches you how to look after yourself and your own wellbeing, clearing though the core, akashic, genetic and collective consciousness/subconscious levels, clearing oaths, vows and commitments as well as beliefs that you are carrying to put others before your own wellbeing and happiness.

Family Constellation: This activation clears the energy (especially resentment, anger, unforgiveness and misunderstanding) around your family relationships so that you can enjoy a much more harmonious relationship with your blood relatives.

I am worthy: This activation removes belief systems that keep you held in the idea that you are unworthy.

I am beautiful: This activation helps you to see your own deep innate beauty, regardless of society's ideas, conditions and prejudices.

Sacred Heart:This final activation in the sequence of three that starts with Christ Consciousness Awareness and Mother Mary, they clear the way to prepare you for this one which gets you to really live in and from your heart.

Opening to receive the love of another:This activation is new and was given to me by Creator today when i asked what i was to put in this next session. It is different to the Soulmate and sacred sexuality activations (which will be coming up in a session soon i do believe from this inclusion), and it opens you up and activates you to receive love from a partner without batting it away. I'm being told that this is to do with worthiness to receive the love that you deserve. I'm excited to be giving this

Soul Mate Reconnection: The Soul Mate Activation clears lifetime beliefs, judgements, trauma and betrayal with your soul mates. It opens you to receive the right soul mate free of fear of what the future will be like with him or her. It also clears the collective consciousness, religious beliefs and genetic beliefs about relationships with a soul mate. We have many soul mates and this will allow you to align with the most supportive and nurturing one in this lifetime.

Sacred Sexuality:This brings two souls together to create love and bring them to a higher level of understanding and love for one another. You are given knowledge of the ecstasy of the Creator’s love for you and all of humanity. It is advised that you enter a monogamous relationship, because of the bonding that happens as a result of this activation. If you’re single and have self-love, this will also help you call in the right “soul mate” as the essence of love within you will be heightened. It is likely that you'll begin to attract many admirers. Word of warning: take your time to make sure they are for your highest and best good before engaging in any sex!!

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