This is a digital Accelerated Ascension Journey for those of you who are ready to explode beyond the boundaries both visible and invisible that you have been operating under.

This revolutionary digital program works with your DNA to clear all generic and personal seals, as well as implants, tags, harnesses and much much more, which are currently jamming your frequency, keeping you stuck in 3D old paradigm distortions and mired in bullshit which doesn't serve you. Whilst carrying all this myriad of crap you can only ever operate at a fraction of the power that is actually available to you because of who you are. Quite literally, through the schedule of alchemical clearings and activations within this program you facilitate a massive energetic shift into your truth and true power so that you can go forth and create life at a level which actually reflects who you really are, rather than the smaller and more watered down and distorted version of yourself that you may or may not be already aware that you are currently tied to.

The work within this program has been developed based on my own work upon myself and my private 1:1 clients as a Master DNA Architect and Accelerated Ascension Alchemist. All activations are extremely powerful and bring you into greater and greater clarity, purpose, and knowledge of your infinite potential, greatness and abilities. If you have been longing to work with me but there has been something standing in your way such as a timezone issue or similar, this is your chance to do the work under your own schedule and get the results under a self directed program. There is a also a Facebook group set up especially for all who take this course so that you can receive support when you need it, and we can do things like take you on journeys to see the cause of your masks etc, here (all requests to join will be verified by proof of purchase). So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to SHIFT?

Contents of this program are as follows
1)Reboot 8, and Quantum leaps with Ease and Grace
2)Claiming Your Birthright DAAP – This activates your 12 Strand DNA and removes the original 7 J-Seals
3)Full Seal Removal – This removes all NAA seals, implants, frequency jammers, tags and anything else of a ‘generic’ nature which is blocking your frequency
Also (recent addition) Removal of all Failure, Misery and Fear/Mistrust Seals and Implants - these are a recent discovery that are also referred to as the struggle seals, they affect most of the people on this planet and show up as beliefs that can't be fully removed, with mental body implants attached which are powered by them. This recording clears all of them
4)Clean Slate DAP – This clears all vortices of dissonant frequencies etc and brings them into alignment with harmony, love and abundance.
5)Nothing Can Harm You DAAP – This clears belief systems and conditionin that allow you to be harmed by environmental pollutants, GMOs etc etc etc (as well as fear programs related to war etc). It's a very powerful protocol, the equivalent of several others put together
6)Personal Seal Removal Journey – This clears individual personal seals one seal per listen once you have been shown the root cause of each.
7)Activate Your Inner Vision DAAP – This clears programs etc that are blocking your inner vision
8)Freedom From Slavery DAP
9)Freedom From Martyrdom DAP
10)Freedom From Suffering DAP
11)Freedom From Guilt DAP
12)Freedom From Victimhood DAP
13) We Are All Equal DAP – This clears all programs etc that are keeping you held in any kind of class system and brings you into a greater understanding of Unity Consciousness, that there is no such thing as ‘them and us’, and we are in fact all equal and are everything.
14)Always On Purpose – This clears the notion that you have to ‘do’ stuff to be in your purpose and brings you into alignment with the divine truth that just by existing and expressing yourself fully without filters you are in fact living your purpose
15)Believe in the Magic of You – This clears beliefs etc that your magic lies outside of you in any kind of ritual and brings you back to the truth that you ARE the magic
16)Activate your Money Maker – This literally activates your money maker within your DNA
17) The Power of Love – This activates the power of love within your DNA
18)Being Able to See All – This brings you into a full body understanding of and connection with your Clairvoyance, as opposed to a purely mentally embodied version of it.
19)Being Able to Hear All -This brings you into a full body understanding of and connection with your Clairaudience.
20)Soul Council Visit – This audio takes you to see your Soul Council so that you can ask them questions and receive powerful guidance.
21)Shift Crystal Quartz DAP – This brings you into higher alignment with your bliss and clears a path for you to fulfil it. This activation will prompt you to recognise and clear anything that is not serving your highest good and highest path.
22)Quan Yin DAAP – Quan Yin activates and opens your heart chakra further and helps you to connect with your core love and compassion for yourself and humanity
23) Authenticity (activates further strands of DNA)
24)Soul Fire DAAP – This clears out anything that is out of integrity with your Soul’s purpose and mission
25)Learning Through Love DAP – This clears any remaining programs that are causing you to need to learn through suffering rather than love, and teaches you about learning through love instead.
26)Discovering Your Soul Gifts Audio – another journey to your soul council to find out what your soul gifts are. Have a pen and paper handy to make notes.
27) Soul Fire DDP – This downloads everything you need for understanding of, feeling, knowing how to etc with your Soul’s purpose and Mission.
28)Unmasked DAAP - This removes one ask each time it is run. Masks are self inflicted facades which disconnect us from our abilities, usually put in place due to trauma for the purposes of self protection. They do not serve to empower us in the long term and are better off removed so that we can stand in our power fully with full connection to our abilities and gifts.
29)PTSD Clearance - This literally clears PTSD from your cells and subconscious. It is designed to work alongside Unmasked and Soul Retrieval
30)Soul Retrieval - This collects, cleans and reattaches splintered soul fragments and aspects that have separated from you for one reason or another, bringing you back to wholeness across dimensions, timelines etc, and full power
31) You can listen to the Sovereignty Masterclass at any time during your movement through this course, but it is especially useful close to the beginning.
32. 13 Wheels DAAP. This opens, clears, aligns, balances, activates and calibrates your 13 chakras.
33) The Harmony of the Spheres. This totally clears all shadow standing between the spheres of your hologenetic profile (Gene Keys) and Source
34). 64 Keys DAAP. This extremely powerful protocol connects you with the 64 Gene Keys (as described in the book 'The Gene Keys' by Richard Rudd). It clears seals, activates gifts and also clears associated traumas. It is recommended that you buy the book and spend time in contemplation of the keys also in order to get the most out of this.
35)Collective Curse Clearance DAAP. This clears ALL curses that have been placed on the collective, and tere are a lot of them. Extremely powerful protocol which really lifts the scales from your eyes when it comes to bringing you into a truthful perspective on where you have been subjugated and hypnotised by nonsense and kept in a state of learned helplessness
36)Curse Clearance DAAP. This clears all personal and ancestral curses across lifetimes, timelines and multidimensions . Fairly self explanatory

and a further number of protocols which have been added since i first wrote this page (there are about 43 at this moment, and this is set to increase again in the next few days). This program is constantly evolving and all who sign up will receive access to the additions as they happen

As the course is constantly evolving, so does the price. Current price is displayed below. This is reviewed every month and increases according to the extra protocols and activations that have been added. This will continue until i feel that there is no further evolution necessary. So, if you act today you can start to SHIFT and know that you will receive even more than is currently available as we go along. Doesn't that sound like an awesomely expansive and exciting prospect?

Your choices on how you do this program are as follows : you can either opt for the 3 month payment plan and receive it in three monthly timed modules for $350 per month (May 2018 price) here

Or you can purchase it in one go for $1000 (May 2018 price) and receive everything within the next 3 days to do then do at your own pace

SHIFT currently has 49 protocols, activations and masterclasses within it's contents. This is increasing by the day at the moment. The price for June 2018 (starting on June 1st) will be $1200 if paid in full, or $425 per month in 3 installments with timed release over the 3 month period. So, buy before 1st June 2018 and you are saving yourself $200.