Here's where you can buy my digital packs for complete self study at your own pace.

Do not, under any circumstances listen to my digital recordings whilst driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be very dangerous.

Creation Kickstart


This Creation Kickstart pack is designed to kick your firmly up the arse, get your trusting your true inner desires, making clear decisions, and creating them, opening up your inspiration channels, and moving forwards with your life in a truly positive manner which actually is in integrity with who you are.

Price: $77.00

DNA Creation Kickstart


This pack contains everything from the Creation Kickstart pack plus the No More 12 Strand DNA activation which should be run first, and the rest in order as below:-

Price: $249.00

DNA and Money Mojo


This is the Money Magic pack WITH the No More DNA Activation.

Do the DNA Activation first.

It contains the following protocols:

No More 12 Strand DNA Activation
From Suffering to Abundance
Cold Hard Cash
Love In Action

Do them in this order, and space them out to allow integration between each one. Instructions for how best to integrate are included in the No More activation.

Price: $222.00

Money Magic


Three powerful protocols designed to open you up around the subject of money from where you have been shut down, holding on to and projecting attitudes and frequencies based on lack, and bump you onto the opposite end of the scale,where the actual magic happens. It is recommended that you do the protocols in the order listed here.

Price: $47.00

Shred Your Insecurities


This pack contains the following 5 protocols which are best done in the order listed below:-

From Suffering to Abundance - self explanatory title really, this protocol clears programs which are creating suffering and struggle and replaces with programs that support abundance, from the DNA up

Price: $111.00

NO MORE 12 Strand DNA Activation and Restoration


Much more than just a full removal of seals and all frequency jammers, this extremely powerful DNA Activation and Restoration is specifically designed to clear up and remove the energetic imprints and all effects of any and all paedophilic abuse, as well as activate full energetic sovereignty and autonomy, removing all attachments, implants and anything that is causing your energy to be leached, blocked or manipulated without your conscious consent. You become impervious to any interference from beings, entities or energies of negative intent.

Price: $199.00



KerCHING is the Ultimate Money Pack, designed to activate your DNA, clear ALL of your seals and other frequency jammers from your DNA and your etheric body, burn your money, wealth and prosperity related bullshit, blockages, resistance and fears to the ground, clear the negative karma currently affecting you in all areas, activate everything you need including desires, powers, frequencies and understanding for you to fully inhabit and embody your money magnet self without having to journal, visualise, do anything old hat or long winded.

Price: $444.00

Bringing Sexy Back


Be Your Electric, Sexy, Free Spirited, Potent Self.

Because anything less is a slow death by boredom

This pack is designed to free your sexual energy, creative zest and ability to receive from the shackles of trauma, dysfunction and bullshit. Quite simply put it's time to bring your sexy back, and this pack is how you're gonna do it.

Price: $444.00

Energetic M.O.T. Protocol


For those of you who are familiar, this is like the Akashic reboot, but so much more also. Used daily it tunes your energy up, clears blocks that are no longer serving you or your growth (you've learned the lesson and are ready to move on), releases whatever is standing in the way of your alignment with your true self in that moment, jumps you to a higher timeline if necessary, activates what needs activating for you to move forwards, and a whole lot more besides.

Price: $199.00