Here's where you can buy my digital products from courses and packs to powerful single protocols (my own alchemical activation modality)

Dynamic Alchemy Protocols prompt powerful healing, removing hundreds or even thousands of limiting beliefs and old energies which don't serve you across all levels of your being from Soul level right the way through to the collective unconscious . They activate sacred geometry, repair and reconfigure your DNA, clear through negative and destructive energies which you've been holding, unplug you from the collective at all levels in the areas that they work in, plug you into higher consciousness grids such as the 5D grid and erase neural pathways that no longer serve your highest good and evolution and are wonderful to heal all areas of your life. They are my very own modality and they are powerful and effective. Buying these audio tracks is a highly cost effective way to work with me. There is a description of what each of the DAPs is for and what they do with each one. Each DAP integrates as fast as your system will allow, this varies for each person dependent on the programs you are currently running concerning ability to shift fast and accepting healing from others.

Do not, under any circumstances listen to meditations, DAPs or activations whilst driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be very dangerous.



This Business Growth Creation Course is simple and extremely powerful energy work that is applied to both you and your business to create ease, clear blocks, and align both your and your business's energy to the vision that you have for it.

Price: $297.00

Addiction Is Unnecessary DAP


This Dynamic Alchemy Protocol protocol tackles the main subconscious/energy issue underlying most addiction (which is largely a mental issue unless you have an issue with Opiates which also create physical dependency)- the belief systems telling you that you are not whole and need something outside of yourself to be happy, to escape, to feel connected etc etc

Rediscover KNOWING that you are whole and complete as is

Price: $62.00

The Hangover Cure DAAP


Hangovers are a bitch, aren't they? Sometimes it can take as little as a glass or two of wine to have you feeling like you went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson the next day.

Price: $62.00



This trifecta of Dynamic Alchemy Activation Protocols is designed to start you on the journey towards hacking your growth and creativity (and therefore your business also, whatever it may be) in truly groundbreaking ways that express who YOU are. You are unique and what you are here to do in this lifetime is also truly unique. No system will serve you in expressing this uniqueness and genius unless you first uncover the full extent of your capabilities. This is where you start...


Price: $120.00




This is a mini basic version of the SHIFT program (which goes MUCH deeper, wider and broader, and activates you to more strands). For those of you on a tighter budget who are keen to clear your main issues

There is also a dedicated FB group set up for those who purchase this course (proof of purchase verifies approval)

Price: $333.00

Believe In The Magic Of You Pack


You are a magical being who doesn't need rituals or other such limiting structures to express yourself unless you require them merely to be a focusing tool. This DAP pack teaches you this on and across all levels of your being down to DNA level and clears and erases systems and neural pathways that have you believing that your power and magic is contained within any ritual or tool.

Contained are :

Price: $139.00

Full Akashic Reboot 7


Akashic Reboot 7 is MORE advanced than 8 and was developed as a separate product specifically to assist with creation. It does everything that number 8 does and it also brings you fully into your vortex and into alignment with your desired realities when you are working on creating your life consciously. It is actually in the Conscious Creation Course which you can buy in full if you look under the digital courses tab. I am offering it as a standalone product for those wishing to buy it separately.

Price: $288.00

Freedom From Martyrdom DAP


If you believe that you need to rescue others, that you have to somehow save the world, you are running martyr programs which are part of the old paradigm. This DAP clears that stuff. You can do your work and honour yourself, and allow others to rescue themselves. If you save them you are denying them the opportunity to stand in their power, in order to validate yourself. Any truly great relationship i about co-creation, balance, honour, love and respect. Of both yourself and the other person. Don't infantalise them and be the saviour. Allow them to stand side by side with you.

Price: $62.00

Freedom From Victimhood DAP


Victimhood is quite the issue in society today. Patterns of victim and saviour get played out everywhere you look, or victim and oppressor. the truth is that you are always creating your experience and so in order to change this stuff it is necessary to clear the programs causing it. This DAP clears victim programs on all levels including soul level and across the collective levels, as well as parallel lives, genetics and core. It also activates, repairs and reconfigures your DNA, erases neural pathways that are perpetuating the issues and creating victim thinking.

Price: $62.00

The Freedom DAP Pack


This pack contains three powerful Dynamic Alchemy Protocols all with the theme of FREEDOM. Freedom from...Slavery, Martydom and Victimhood. As well as 'We are All Equal' which clears resentment and programs which have you holding yourself apart from others at any level whether through perceived 'class' or economic status or any other reason.

Price: $139.00