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Do not, under any circumstances listen to my digital recordings whilst driving or operating heavy machinery as this could be very dangerous.

SWAG: Catalyze a Brand New Money Story


Are you ready to literally shift and upgrade your money story without engaging in laborious old paradigm traditional mindset work? To play with a money cheat code? To have some fun when it comes to SWAG?

Price: $199.00

The Science of Creating Business Success


This pack is designed to clear EVERYTHING currently affecting your ability to create money, your dream business, your ideal job, sales and clients that you love to work with, as well as literally fully create all of these things (clients, sales, dream business, ideal job, money) energetically within you and completely align you with them, essentially putting you in the state of 'future presence', working with your higher self and soul (meaning that your possibly barely acknowledged hearts desires are being accessed and worked with).

Price: $1,111.00

The Science of Creating Money Miracles


This newly updated pack contains everything you need to literally wipe your money bullshit across all levels and parts of you, install the all of the necessary programming which will see you actually successfully creating, receiving and experiencing money in greater amounts than you have been able to previously. It removes financial trauma, deal with your collective shadow imprints and many more intrinsic and essential things. This work is based on the amazing process that i brought through and use with my private 1:1 clients.

Price: $777.00

Shrinky Dink Weight Loss Pack


JAN SALE DOWN TO $175 from $333 UNTIL JAN 18TH

This pack has been created following my own personal journey into why i had gained weight and led to me releasing 2 stones (28 lbs) of excess weight over the course of 2 months and dropping several dress sizes (roughly 3 judging by the size of clothes i am now buying), as well work with clients around their weight issues.

This pack contains the following protocols:-

No More 12 Strand DNA Activation and full seal etc removal

Price: $175.00

Akashic Reboot 10


This is the final version of the Reboot which is automatically updated energetically by me. You never need buy another version once you have this

Price: $299.00

NO MORE 12 Strand DNA Activation and Restoration


Much more than just a full removal of seals and all frequency jammers, this extremely powerful DNA Activation and Restoration is specifically designed to clear up and remove the energetic imprints and all effects of any and all paedophilic abuse, as well as activate full energetic sovereignty and autonomy, removing all attachments, implants and anything that is causing your energy to be leached, blocked or manipulated without your conscious consent. You become impervious to any interference from beings, entities or energies of negative intent.

Price: $199.00