The Soul Purpose Journey


The Soul Purpose Journey is a specially designed guided trip into your records to connect with the lifetimes that have the most bearing on what you are here to do in this one, and a meeting with your Soul Council to connect with your primary soul gifts, next steps and greater mission. In this pre-recorded journey you receive an Akashic reboot for your intuition and clair senses, therefore enabling you to do the journey with ease and grace, and an activation where you are handed the keys to the galactic records for you to use in future, opening up another layer of your MultiDimensional nature so that you may live your life with a much bigger sense of your truth as a powerful creator and spiritual being with many talents. You also receive a 36 strand DNA activation to assist you in reconnecting with your truth and birthright as a multidimensional being and powerful creator

The pack details are below:-

The Soul Purpose Journey Contents

User guides in the form of PDFs
36 Strand DNA Activation mp3
Full Akashic Reboot mp3
Reboot for Intuition and Clair Senses mp3
Galactic records key activation mp3
4 Guided journeys into individual lifetimes that are deeply connected to your current lifetime's purpose. mp3
Journey to your soul council and next steps mp3
Connection with your soul gifts mp3

'We did the 'Galactic Intro' where Ellyssa and AM guided me to previous planets I've spent incarnations on. I received clear pictures of my 'body', my surroundings, my job/purpose and interactions with others in each place.
Since this I've felt I've been shown 'missing' parts of a jigsaw puzzle so can now mentally feel more whole and understand this incarnation from a new/ higher perspective.
I was afraid to take this event because many times over the last 30 years I have tried to feel my whole past, either on my own or guided and have ended up being overwhelmed energetically and emotionally which has meant me being freaked out. However, this experience served the opposite and has helped centre me, consolidating my own energy.
I feel that Ellyssa is using gentle light energy to enable transitions. Even after reading the 'data sheets' that come with the Intro Event I felt gently raised in energetic understanding.
I began a few days ago with the query 'what is my life purpose' (Ellyssa asked where were we Stuck in life) which became a thought around resolving conflict in others and between others. This morning that thought is being 'filled in' with more data - that I'm here to help others on sometimes quite a practical level to become aware of the conflicts they have. Almost like massaging a knot in a muscle, I'm here to 'massage' (i.e., enable others' awareness of) the conflict 'knots' that reside in their body/energy field.
Thankyou Ellyssa for your Enabling Energy - I'm looking at the Multi-Dimensional You for further transitioning!' Isa Noller, UK

' I´d like to thank Ellyssa Campbell for the beautiful cosmic origins trip I had today due to the #TheUltimateGiftGiveaway.I mean, I´ve seen some past lives but this trip was deeper, longer and very interesting. I had all the support from the spiritual world and also from Ellyssa. She was very patient and helped me with a question I was asking my guides this week!! Divine timing :). Work with her if you would like to know where you´ve wandered across the universe. This was something I wanted also to do long time ago!!' Vero Garcia

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