Sovereign Creator

You are a sovereign being, and potentially a GENIUS (even if you aren't expressing this right now)

It is time for you to own it. It is time for you to create from this space.

It is time for you to understand and operate from your true power in all areas, to be the master of your own creation.

To operate from the pure love and knowing this/understanding of your own hearts, and afraid of the opinions of others. Aligned with your soul, your purpose, your mission, truth.

Creating from this.





Feeling the full breadth and depth of true wealth that is you, no excuses, no bypassing, no blaming, no regrets. This includes money as well as all other areas

Standing in your power and creating from here is not about dominating others, diminishing anyone else's success. There is a common misconception in spiritual circles that this is the case.

True power is from your endless stream of pure consciousness without masks, detritus, limitations, victimhood and other crappola that many wear on this planet, straight through and from your heart is where this pure consciousness flows. Many masks, facades and illusions are worn as truth on this planet. Yet you are understanding that these are Bullshit and are ready to drop them and connect with the truth

You are bored of all the nonsense and you are ready to step into something far greater:-

The divine union of your masculine and feminine energies and clearance of all wounding on either side.

Abilities and energy that are unbound by any imaginable hindrance or jammers. Confidence it is not 'fake it till you make' it but instead THE REAL DEAL.

Inspiration flows effortlessly directly from your truth, your soul and the plan that you came here with.

Creation that starts at energetic DNA level and flows outwards, like a laser guided arrow made of love, shaping your dreams into reality, activating your whole potential, intentional, beautiful, flowing heart desire which fulfills and delights you.

Open metaphysical abilities (Clair senses)

Throwing all of the old rituals in the bin.

That's right. You don't need them. There's a new way.

The simple fact is this: you are here to express YOU. Period. And your only job is to uncover who YOU really are at your deep core, and express that, unabashedly, joyfully, fully, completely.

And when you do this, you are in your zone of genius.

If you are mimicking a mentor or coach, and following other people's steps as your 'blueprint' you're not in your zone of genius.

If you are forcing out content to provide 'value' you are not In your zone of genius.

If you are spending your time thinking about what other people need rather than what you want to express, you are not in your zone of genius.

If you are offering deals on your work based on trying to incentivise people to work with you in whatever capacity as if they need any reason other than that you are fucking brilliant in your expression, you are not in your zone of genius.

If you are spending your life worrying or concerned about what other people think of you, you are not in your zone of genius.

If you are chasing down potential clients as if it is somehow upon you to hunt them rather than allowing your natural GENIUS expression to draw them in...then yeah, guess what, you are not in your zone of GENIUS.

If you're selling a series of steps to X, Y and X as the soul body of your work you are not in your zone of genius. Selling your process as a blueprint to follow for success to others is not expressing your genius, in any way, shape, or form. Can we just clear that one up.

Your genius isn't set. It doesn't have goalposts or an end point. It is pure expression which provides an access point of some sort for others to experience their own true nature. It can't be quantified by steps, measured by likes, or defined by anything that's out there already, even if it could be considered similar.

Your genius is unique to you. It's not a modality although in the expression of it you may bring through one or many (if you are an energy worker). It is, quite simply put the full and unique expression of who you are, and it can't be taught, only experienced.

It has many lifetimes, dimensions, and realities of experience held within it. It is powerful. It utilises your unique energy signature unbound by frequency jammers, limitations and old emotional residues that you have been carting around for lifetimes. It expresses all of you.

And GENIUS and ASCENSION go hand in hand, like tea and biscuits or Bonnie and Clyde.

And last but not least, true genius comes from an open flowing heart and your own DNA. These are the parts of you that hold and fully express your genius. GENIUS is not a purely mental thing and cannot be thought out.

If you are ready to unlock your genius, to free yourself from all the shit that's smothering it. To switch on the switches that light you up from the inside out. To embody your genius. To have the ride of your life and to shift like you didn't believe was possible, email me (and make sure that you have me added to your contacts so that you receive my reply into your inbox).

I am currently fully booked and unavailable for private 1:1 work as i have taken on an exciting full time joint partnership role within a company working my magic to activate and train the staff and developing revolutionary new protocols to assist with weight release and more. If you are interested in working with me it will have to be via my digital products or any group offers I produce. However, if you are willing to go on a waiting list and wish to be considered in the future for 1:1 co-creative partnership work with me when i am free to do so, please pay attention to the following info on who you are, and contact me by email if you feel you are a fit to let me know your interest

You are: male or female, out of excuses on all fronts (you can't afford NOT to and you KNOW this in your heart), ready for seismic shifts and know how to laugh at yourself and life. You are ready for intense interaction and to throw the idea of schedules out of the window because you understand that this kind of work doesn't follow schedules and it most certainly doesn't tick boxes.

What we do if you are a fit: Meet as often as necessary for as long as necessary to journey, to activate, to alchemise, to uncover, to switch on, to co-create from the GENIUS zone. And through all of this you get to see and experience yourself fully. You will end up with as many strands of Jammer free, activated DNA As you need for your specific purpose and mission, and as much extra whatever downloaded and activated as your higher self desires for you. Your abilities switched ON (including your psychic senses). Your fear GONE. Your autonomy COMPLETE. Your heart OPEN. Your wounding and bullshit? Kicked to the kerb. Standing in your power as Sovereign Creator of whatever the fuck you choose, with the abilities to create from DNA level with confidence

This is an intense high ticket co-creative partnership, with me by your side as your Personal Alchemist. Because half assed just doesn't cut it when it comes to genius. As this is bespoke work it carries a bespoke price tag. It is not a 'package' but an ongoing relationship for as long as it is joyful and beneficial for us to work together. I will need to speak to you first and I'll say right now i am only interested in speaking if you are financially able to do this without excuses