VIP Experiences

If you are genuinely interested in coming to work with me here for a day or two, first things first please watch the video and then acquaint yourself with the investment requirement, after this it's time to book yourself in for a harmony call, for which the link is below

VIP DAY (including 1:1 intensive work with me, two night's accommodation and your meals at my home here in Mallorca. Flights and transfers are your responsibility and any extra arrangements for example massage etc are made at additional cost and by special arrangement) £2500 exc. IVA.

VIP Weekend (including 3 night's accommodation, meals and 1:1 intensive work with me. Flights and transfers, and extra arrangements for ex massage etc not included) £4000 exc IVA

What will my experience be like? Well, you get me on an intensive 1:1 basis, and we will be doing the work, whilst visiting sacred sites for activations, getting in the sea, possibly hiking, going out for dinner at one of Mallorca's best restaurants (yes this is included in the price, I like to show people a good time whilst they're here, it's all part of the experience). Why? Because the point of all of this work is EMBODIMENT. Sitting talking about stuff in a room is nowhere near as effective as living it and walking the talk, and seeing how you can incorporate your spiritual and energy work, and self connection into an enjoyable and beautiful life that you actually LIVE in a grounded manner. It's time to understand how you bring your development into practice and combine expansion with enjoyment. This is the new paradigm!

Is there follow up? YES! IT is important to me that you don't come, have a wonderful time here and then go back to your normal life and settle back into old patterns and habits because that is what you are used to. So after your experience with me here you will also receive a complimentary 1 month membership if you have had a day, or 2 months if you have had the weekend (value of £325 or £650) of the Unlimited University which is my group academy which receives access to all of my digital work, as well as a month of email and messenger support 1:1 from me to help you settle properly into new ways of being and thinking that are aligned with your forwards momentum (value of £600)

For those of you who would like to organise extra things like photoshoot, massage or spa time etc (time allowing), I have people that this can be arranged with. It does incur extra costs, but nothing is impossible. The only thing is that prior notice is required from an organisational point of view. Please mention this when we speak so i can create a plan

To book in for a harmony call to get the ball rolling