Your Soul Speaks - Combined Akashic and Higher Self Readings

If you are looking for a clearer and stronger understanding of who you are, your higher self, your mission and your purpose then you could choose to sign up for combined Akashic records and channeled higher self reading with me which includes bespoke especially for you energy work. These transcend timezones as I do everything remotely, creating you a detailed written report of the Akashic section, and then connect to your higher self channel and record everything that comes through, and then draw your soul symbol in light language so that you have something that can help you to realign with your truth every time you look at it. This is then sent to you for you to listen to and keep.

I offer these readings as a remote service. What this means is that once you have ordered your reading (which requires your full given name at birth as well as your date of birth, and your permission to access your records and any questions up to a maximum of 3 you wish to receive answers to) I then enter your records and spend time delving into your soul origin, your archangelic realms of training that are currently activated within you, your 2 major life lessons, details of any other lifetimes that are affecting you at this current time which you need to be aware of, your soul's three main gifts and how these can be best utilised for your highest good and ongoing journey, information on how your soul best manifests your true desires in this current lifetime, and if there are any past life shadows that need to be understood, embraced, integrated etc right now. Once i have done this and made notes i then create a PDF written report on everything. After this i connect to your higher self to channel a message for you which is up to 45 minutes in length, which i record in MP3 format. The whole process takes me a day to do I aim to deliver the finished product to you within 3 working days (not including weekends) of receiving your order unless specified otherwise. As a bonus, if you are having one of these readings with me for the first time i also provide you with the full Akashic Reboot as a complement so that you have an ongoing tool (i usually charge £150/$205 for this, but am including it as a complementary bonus) to heal and clear the energy within your records and bring you into greater alignment with your highest potential and purpose. I also send you up to 3 activations which i take advice on from your higher self, to help you along your path

If for any reason i am unable to fulfill within the 3 days i will let you know when you order

I have given options for both paying in sterling and paying in US dollars below. Please email me separately once you have placed your order with your name, birthdate and any specific questions etc to Please note that i can only give information in relation to your records when it comes to relationships.

Remote channeling is actually preferable over face to face online because it means there is no interference in the message that comes through and i can record them at the times when i am feeling most fully aligned, meaning that what you receive is crystal clear. As a natural channel i love doing this work and it gives me great satisfaction to offer this service now.

These sessions are available to buy now for £444 or $635 if you prefer to pay in USD, and there is a payment plan option available for each currency also. What i need from you when you order is your full name and date of birth (please include maiden name if your name has changed through marriage). .

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