1:1 From Relation-Sh*t to Relationship

The basis of all life experience is relationship, and our interpersonal relationships can either be a source of great joy or major frustration for a massive number of reasons. The key to all of it though, is always YOU. You are the common denominator in all of your experiences and your internal dynamics can either create a relationship which thrives and enables you and whoever is in it with you to flourish on all levels, or one which is an endless source of frustration, pain and drama.

Being someone who has experienced the whole nine yards of possibility and potential in this arena through both my own personal and work experience as a cam girl, a failed marriage, various dysfunctional AF relationships and having truly worked through some incredibly thorny issues within my current relationship (9 years and counting with my soul mate which hasn't always been sunshine and roses but has given me MASSIVE insight into how i was co-creating all of it) to come out of the other side still in love, sexually active, orgasmic and happy and with very clear understanding of exactly how my energy work is a wonderful tool for creating solid and stable foundations when applied in the right way, it has become somewhat my passionate focus and the area i MOST enjoy working with in 1:1 client relationships also (rule number one : always do what you both love and are amazing at).

If you are either looking to create a solid loving foundation within yourself which will create an external relationship that matches (including resolving orgasmic dysfunction and other psychosexual issues purely through the correct remote application of energy), or are in an existing relationship that you are frustrated with but understand that things could be much much better and you wish to activate that potential, then i invite you to get in touch with me at lys@dynamicintention.net to tell me about your situation and apply to work with me. I prefer to design packages on a bespoke and intuitive basis as you are not a clone of anyone else and I would dread to treat you as such. The starting price to expect is $12k this will be dependent on various factors individual to you and how long we will need to work for. It WILL also include an in-person element in the overall design of the offer as working in person is incredibly powerful as well as fun - as I live in Brighton and Hove which has a vibrant community and arts scene you can expect to enjoy these as part of it.

I will just add that if i can come from a 'broken' home, violent past relationships, orgasmic dysfunction, failed marriage and all sorts of gnarly unconscious patterns into a whole new dynamic both with myself and my partner, then so can you, without the need for game playing or lists of shoulds as can be found in many books based on other people's whatever amount of step processes. The only thing in the way of you having the relationship with both yourself and your choice of partner, that you deserve, is you.

I will add that due to the interconnectedness of all things, resolving these issues properly and holistically will always see improvements in all other areas of your life, this is just how it works. I look forwards to facilitating your new romance with yourself and your love life