Akashic Readings/Clearings

These readings are a combination of energetic clean up and problem solving/solution creation for personal or business purposes.

From the point of view of accuracy these readings are the best available because i start by removing anything from your records that has been implanted to create false memories or distortion of any kind (surprising as it might seem this is extremely common on this planet for a number of reasons). Once thorough clean up has been done i dive in to ascertain what your best options are for moving forwards in whatever area you have been having issues, as well as dealing with any energetic roots directly connected to your problem areas and dissolving them. We are not interested so much in pointless tourism as in a concise resolution of current issues and an action plan that actually works for your highest good. It is worth noting that as these sessions are singular in nature you may want to consider doing deeper work with me either 1:1 or in group format afterwards in order to truly get your house in order, although a lot can be achieved in one session simply because i am extremely efficient, practised and powerful in the way that i work.

If i feel that you will benefit from a deeper dive afterwards you can rely on me to bring this up in the information i deliver to you afterwards because directness is my middle name

I do these readings remotely and start delivering them within 3-5 days of ordering, first with the clearing and necessary activation, and then moving on to the reading when you have integrated - this can take a couple of weeks or more. In the meantime i maintain contact with you via messenger and check on you to see how you're doing as well as offering insights as we go. The results are delivered in written and recorded format, with energy work as an audio for you to listen to, possibly with clear channeled information alongside from the energy of your business either spoken and recorded, or written, and all relevant points covered. All you need to do to order is drop me an email to lys@dynamic intention.net once you have ordered and paid for your reading, stating what you want to address, and i will get going. Current price for these is $2000 due to the nature and intensity of the work.

The link to order is here