Akashic Reboot 10


This is the final version of the Reboot which is automatically updated energetically by me. You never need buy another version once you have this

A Review from a client: 'While continuing our work, Ellyssa was told by her higher self that I need to receive the Akashic reboot 10. The reboot 10 is by far the most AMAZING piece of energy work I have ever come across. I use the reboot 10 daily as an energy cleanser, and let me tell you the boost of energy you receive is consistent no matter how many times you use it. I think about reboot 10 as an energy cleanser, stabilizer, and daily maintenance tool. The first time I used the reboot 10 I blacked out for about 2 hours. When I returned to my conscious self, I was sweaty but full of energy and simply felt lighter. Just recently I had the opportunity to put it to the ultimate test.
I was summoned to appear at the biggest jail/courthouse in Chicago. Basically, I was asked to provide a character reference for an acquaintance that is accused of a serious crime. This jail/courthouse is the most feared place when it comes to landing in legal trouble, and I had the unfortunate opportunity to confirm that it is, in fact, the truth. The place is full of fear, regrets, injustice, suffering which is in full display as soon as you enter the building. Many of the walls have been graffiti with the word “Illuminati” and near to the word many symbols such as inverted pyramids, numbers, eyes, crosses, faces of fear and suffering, etc. I can go on forever telling you about the horror I experienced as a “summoned guest” of the court. But the point is that after being there for about 5 hours my energy was simply depleted and I sincerely never felt so much negativity concentrated at a single location in my life. After leaving the place, I immediately came home and listened to my reboot 10, that is when I confirmed that no matter how bad your energy is ever drained this recording will replenish you to 100% in no time. I also believe the reboot 10 aside from its powerful energy cleansing attributes allows for the integration of the energy work that you receive from Ellyssa.'

The daddy of all energetic maintenance, hygiene and program upkeep and overhaul is here. This Reboot has been a while in the making and is extremely comprehensive. it deals with ditching programs that no longer serve, deleting victim programs, deleting self sabotage programs, installing the powers of both courage and ease, prepping you for DNA activation so that it runs smoothly if you have not already had this activated, clearing trapped emotions, adjusting and recalibrating your energy bodies as necessary for your peak performance, dissolving energetic entanglements that are hindering you, activating, aligning etc your transpersonal chakras so that you are receiving what you need, working with your neural pathways to create more positive ones, balancing your masculine and feminine energies, removing harmful parasites and a whole lot more besides including ensuring you are on your highest possible timeline and clearing conflicting energies, vibrations, thoughtforms etc, retrieving, cleaning and reinserting missing soul fragments broken off due to trauma and more. This also installs as the latest update an autoquarantine command which will send energy parasites to their own special energetic Siberia so they cannot leach energy off you any further