This piece of energy work is designed for daily use, to bring you into the internal state of balance, harmony, integration and transmutation of that which is not actually YOU which is represented by the Alchemical symbol of the Six Pointed Star ('As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without'). It's suggested that you use a daily 'morning pages' practice in a journal alongside to bring you into greater understanding of yourself, your purpose, that which wishes to be expressed through you by your actual core, and what that looks like in terms of your physical action steps as you go along. In that, it is a course rolled into one mp3, which like all of my other work will do exactly what is needed for YOU each time you run it. It is effectively several pieces of work rolled into one, designed to be used by you as a course and method of self discovery, self enquiry and self transformation honouring your highest truth. Because that is what actual Alchemy is all about when applied by and for the human soul. It is the closest piece of digital work to the process I actually go through with my 1:1 clients around uncovering and embodying your true purpose and so makes a brilliant alternative for all those of you who are for any reason not in a position to do 1:1 work with me. It does contain a DNA activation for those who need it, again designed to work at a pace which is right for you.