Baggage Drop


This piece of work was created because I wanted a tool for people who are either brand new to my work and want a no brainer intro (which at $50 it most definitely is) or are on a tighter budget and admitting that they want to help themselves and are prepared to start somewhere and work their way up to the more expensive and even more powerful pieces. As the name suggests, it's called Baggage Drop because it's for use when you admit that heavy emotional baggage is creating issues for you in life and your own creative endeavours and you want to let that shit go but are having trouble in actually doing so for whatever reason. You can use it every day, it can peel back layers, and you're more likely to experience a smoother trajectory if you do so, but you don't have to. Muscle test on whether this is your best starting point, and then muscle test daily when you buy it to see if it's going to benefit you that day.