Be A Wolf MasterClass Bundle


This bundle contains all 4 Masterclasses from the sequence that starts with 'Get Seen Get Paid', running through 'A Love Supreme', 'Hot Creations' and 'Sexy Sales'

The four together run in order (with appropriate integration time in between each one) powerfully energetically address clearing trauma from the root (and permanently), unlocking and activating genetic gifts, healing relationships (including your relationships with money, sales, yourself and life!), powering you up so that you can actually run your business (or do your job) with an entirely new, expanded and genuinely prosperous perspective which will, as you can imagine, create results in keeping with that. These masterclasses contain new energy technologies that i have developed and thorough energetic processes which will not only take you deep into yourself as you listen, but also open up new understandings of yourself, your abilities, where you have been getting in your own way without realising it (and removing the reasons why you do), clean up the crap you've been carrying around, kickstart your real self confidence from ways that may have previously been more in the 'fake it till you make it' camp. This is your chance to do work with me in digital recorded format that would cost you at least ten times this if you were to hire me for 1:1.

You can expect to have a MUCH stronger relationship with yourself, far greater clarity on your message, confidence to go out and sell/pitch/deliver your shit successfully , and a deep seated knowingness of your own abundance and ability to create, receive and experience money that is not based on any weak self persuasion tactics, but on deep connection to your core, free from distortion. And the effects of this? Watch your external world shift to reflect all of this.

'Thankyou Ellyssa. Deffo blew me away. Had loads of scenes coming through... too much to process at the time .. but I experienced realisations in good/bad being connected; male/ female interplay; everyone being as one but with different harmonies so that there are collectives within the One. Wow. Will do replay as my system had crashed into its own scenery so I didn’t hear everything consciously. I also know that my life will never be the same again after today! massive understanding downloaded and exactly as you said- I am experiencing others’ energy field without it affecting me. Thank Fuck as that was a debilitating drain up till today.' Isa, after the Hot Creations Masterclass

Also contains an integration frequencies recording to assist you with fully integrating the work.

This series is seminal work and will not be discounted. The price is in fact more likely to go up over time to reflect the value of what is contained within, so your best time to buy it (as with all things that are right for you) is NOW.