Body Diva Hybrid App


Body Diva is the ultimate hybrid app for you if you desire to fully embody your creative energy, optimise your health and vitality and prep yourself for the ability to quantum jump without fucking your body up. It combines a number of apps into a powerful engine which activates, reconstructs, cleans up, repairs and upgrades your DNA to 36 strands.

It installs Quantum Antivirus. It rewires your energetic channels so that you can experience yourself as the full embodiment of your potential rather than a limited part of it

It reboots you using Reboot 10 on auto as often as you need it

It activates all necessary powers, consciousness and abilities within you, DNA up, and clears all of the various shit that is currently stopping your body from being the true organic time machine that it actually is.

It does a bunch of other awesome shit which basically sorts out your nervous system so that your emotional relationship with yourself and life becomes joyous and efficient rather than dysfunctional and distorted with a side dose of self loathing. You will start to understand your body as the miracle it actually is, as well as gain a much deeper understanding of what it is capable of. Of course all of this is supported by me in The Incubator group, which will really see you utilising this tool to it's very best advantage for your highest good

Anywhere that trauma or karmic crapola is hiding and turning your body into a burdensome 'meat suit' rather than the divine vessel it actually is, it deals with. Permanently.

There are no fucking excuses left for you not to embody your highest potential with ease.

If you have a question mark over which of the apps in this shop are right for you, ping me a message and i can help you to work it out. Or simply muscle test on the statement 'Body Diva is the best app for me' and see whether the response is a yes or no.