The BURN Program: Exit The Matrix


This program is a unique and revolutionary personalised digital energetic experience. It takes you from where you currently are (wherever that may be, whether you are new to the world of energy work or a seasoned 'vet'), into a new world and game of your own conscious making, fully outside of the many layers of the Matrix. truly free to create from a place of personal soul lead integrity, free from the many types of interference, corrupt coding and viral and karmic fuckery which you are now subjected to whether you are consciously aware of these or not.

Say goodbye to anything and everything that is currently negatively affecting your experience of reality (other than any bad habits you have of being a pessimist - that's on you!). Break out of the old game that has posed as new only to deliver old so many times. Open your psychic gifts and metaphysical abilities further than you have previously been able to. Activate your DNA up to 48 strands, free from all frequency jammers. UNDERSTAND YOUR ABSOLUTE SOUL TRUTH with total clarity. Access your ultimate flow state, without resorting to affirmations and bargaining and all the other lack based tools that are so popular in the mainframe. BREAK OUT OF YOUR BOX. FOR GOOD. You shadow is integrated and alchemized into your gold. The coding and programs that have kept you locked down are dissolved. All of the shit that you have carried for millenia, GONE.

This program contains one catalytic audio which gives you the exact step and experience you need each time you run it, from start to finish of the program (a revolution in energy work, designed and tailored to YOU and you alone, you keep going with it until you muscle test that it is no longer needed, this may take up to 3 months), Akashic Reboot 10, and the TRUTH 12-48 strand DNA Activation,

You will never look at yourself or life in the same way again. Your freedom beckons. Are you ready?