The Daily


This piece of energy work was created because i wanted to go several steps further than the work that I produced in the Reboot and create something that, if you only ever decide to buy one piece of my work in your life, this is the one that will, when you commit to working with it daily, elevate and positively transform your experience of yourself, your energy, your life and the world on an ongoing basis, and assist you in navigating the descension as well as the ascension that is involved in truly expansive work to not only become more conscious but also more aware of your core, how it works, how you personally create/manifest best and most easily, your natural flow states and how you operate within them, your relationship to yourself and the world around you. Using this daily will put you squarely in the position of being all that you are and understanding how to work with that, whilst stripping away all that is old, outdated, fear based, contracted, misaligned with your highest truth and your greater creative soul gifts, misaligned with what you desire to create and experience or hindering you in any way from being your full glorious true self rather than a shell personality, people pleasing, internally conflicted and/or easily manipulated puppet of anyone else's agenda.

It is a work for creation that will upgrade your identity to match what you are creating and keep you in resonance with that so that you can perceive and receive the reality of it. It works through all parts of you. It is a complex, beautiful and powerful piece of work which, if you are familiar already with the Reboots 1-10, will knock your socks off because it is both much more powerful and much more comprehensive with the added element of working to ground and activate your daily intentions fully when you use it in the way I suggest on the audio. It also activates your DNA and clears up anything related to false matrix grids, inserts etc for those who have not already done this work. It is a one stop shop, so to speak.