Deliberate Creation


This course (which i've subtitled Orgasmic Manifestation) is a solid 5 step process which is foolproof because it is based on energy work. It contains 3 pieces of energy work as mp3s, and two videos, one of which explains how to use it, the other of which explains how to muscle test.

Contents of the course are as follows:-

1 x 'Untamed' audio
1 x Clearing Audio
1 x Activation and Creation Audio
1 x How to Use the Course instructional video
1 x How to Muscle Test video.

There is also a facebook group set up for all course clients where you can interact with each other and me. Simple, easy, powerful, efficient. If you want more fun, more pleasure and less of the endless boring longwinded instructions on 'how to force yourself to think positive' then this is for you.

If you prefer making everything difficult you will probably be disappointed because this most certainly isn't difficult lol.

After purchase make sure you join the FB group