On offer for $111. Usual price $400..

Freedom is, was and always will be an inner game that is dependant on you taking full charge of your energetic structure, sovereignty, systems and sphere. This piece of work is a mammoth piece that you run regularly until you no longer need to which does exactly what it says on the tin. Having been through this process myself in a slower and more painstaking way, this powerful piece of kit dropped as i was about to finish off working on myself. It is designed to release everything that is not true to your core, that is causing split consciousness and splintered identity across all levels and throughout all layers of you including that which is unseen/unknown/unheard/unfelt (but still very much affecting your day to day existence despite this).

It is the perfect accompaniment to any of my other work or can be used as a standalone. It combines particularly well with the DNA and Genetic work that is in the More Money Masterclass Bundle, and is an invaluable freeing from the shackles of enslavement, sacrifice or martyrdom to any old systems, structures or societal, familial or personal impositions by dealing with your inner Universe first and foremost (which is where all work is truly effective in ways that merely dealing with the external isn't).