Gold Digga Hybrid App


Gold Digga is the ultimate hybrid app for ANYONE who wants to uplevel the shit out of their money consciousness and ability to create CLEANLY and ETHICALLY. It combines a number of apps into a powerful engine which activates, reconstructs, cleans up, repairs and upgrades your DNA to 36 strands.

It installs Quantum Antivirus. It rewrites your emotional and mental programming around money and everything connected which is affecting your experience of it, throughout all parts of you including your cells.

It reboots you using Reboot 10 on auto as often as you need it

It activates the necessary powers (including the Power of One which heals fractured consciousness, suffered by most people currently on this planet), consciousness and abilities within you, DNA up, to turn you into a creative money maker (this may well involve a strong kick up your own butt consciousness wise to start a new business aligned with your deeper skills and abilities), it wipes out anything that is creating resistance to your soulful success (including black magic or any stupid shit you may have been running on yourself sub or unconsciously), and it ramps up your personal inspiration stream so that you push yourself forwards out of any rut you may have been in towards movement, action, financial evolution and FUN in your money creation inspirations, because life is nothing without fun.

It does a bunch of other awesome shit which basically turns you into the ninja love warrior take no prisoners badass that you're capable of being when you actually have your shit together from the bottom up and the inside out. All of this without ever having to make someone vomit OR create any ridiculous siphoning networks that the weak as fuck rely on to imitate true power because they can't actually get their shit together properly.

Anywhere that lack consciousness or karmic crapola is hiding and turning financial and business success into a sucky painful drag that feels like your soul is falling through a hole in the floor, it deals with. Permanently.

There are no fucking excuses left for you not to blow your shit up into legacy that will last beyond your lifetime for all the RIGHT reasons. Because yes, ethics.

Warning: this app will not present you with an empty lottery win for you to sit on your arse rotting in a mansion. It will turn you into the highly ethical wealthy powerhouse that you are capable of being.