Heaven or Hell


What if i told you that your experience on earth is either heaven or hell in different scenarios according to various hidden settings that you are operating under energetically? What if i told you that contrary to popular opinion, hell isn't fire and brimstone, but the constant dull thud of disappointment, compromise, various relationships (hell is yes, sometimes other people), your dynamic with society at large and how you experience it? You can be set for hell with money but heaven with boats, as an example.

This piece of energy work (a course in one recording, designed for running regularly until it's done everything it needs to with you) changes your settings to heaven from where they have previously been delivering you hell on a continuous basis. This is a comprehensive sweep of EVERY part, level etc. No stone left unturned. It works particularly well if you also buy 'The Pleasure Principle' and combine the use of the two (i suggest muscle testing through the shop contents to see which other recordings you might want to combine this with). It is particularly useful for all who have been reincarnated through the false light matrix (again, something you can muscle test yourself on and if you conclude that this is the case then this piece of work is the very minimum that you will want to get in order to start creating major shifts in your life)