Hot Creations MasterClass


This almost 90 minute powerful and indepth masterclass recording is solid energy work and channelled information all at once which brings you FULLY into your sexual and creative energetic sovereignty through various deep clearings, activations and evolutionary energy technology. It is the third in a series after 'A Love Supreme'.

'Thankyou Ellyssa. Deffo blew me away
Had loads of scenes coming through... too much to process at the time .. but I experienced realisations in good/bad being connected; male/ female interplay; everyone being as one but with different harmonies so that there are collectives within the One. Wow. Will do replay as my system had crashed into its own scenery so I didn’t hear everything consciously. I also know that my life will never be the same again after today! massive understanding downloaded and exactly as you said- I am experiencing others’ energy field without it affecting me. Thank Fuck as that was a debilitating drain up till today.' This quote is from Isa who was on the live call

I shall be offering all 4 masterclass recordings as a bundle together after the next one. If you wish to receive information on how and how much to join the last one live which will be running before the end of June 2019, please email me or message me on facebook.