Ready to shift out of your own personal old paradigm and into a new one where you actually inhabit your power more fully? Well duh...surely a no brainer. Iconoclast is for you if you are done with ever decreasing circles and old patterns which leave you somewhere between bored shitless and frustrated AF. It comes with course notes taking you through how to work with it and absolutely essential journal prompts, as well as a whole bundle of energy work recordings. Get clear on the WHOLE vision, shift your energy, let your soul out of the bottle with the journaling, and leave the old gods with a small g behind as you move into being a new emissary of Source energy and clarity owning your creative power by channelling YOUR OWN SOUL on what wants to be experienced.

If you can't spring to the whole price in one go you can have the equivalent of a payment plan by joining the Quantum Creation Group https://www.dynamicintention.net/quantum-creation where this is part of the materials for the group, at only $120 a month. So you really have no excuses if you are ready to move forwards.