The Ignition Point

Anybody can work successfully with energy by using the materials within the Ignition Point because in there I teach you how and activate your personal energetic keys fully.

The Ignition Point is an activation and creation portal to get you firing on all cylinders so that you can light up the world with your unique genius, creative potential and fire. For those of you who have had it with your previous ways of doing shit, and are ready to innovate and make a proper difference to your own life, and to society at large, whilst having fun, expanding your range through energy work, expanding your own psychic abilities and just generally kicking ass whilst you take names, in the best possible way.

For those of you who have always wanted to learn how to work with energy both powerfully and in integrity with your own unique core I am both activating your keys to do so and teaching this in the group to all members, starting in September, on an ongoing basis, so now is the time to join. It will be an ongoing journey, which you can drop out of at will if you so wish, although for those that stay the course there will be a certificate of completion as well as all of the wisdom, understanding and information i have gained through my own work as well as channeled over the past few years. This is the 'undiscovered science' of energetic structure and workings including information on timelines, grids, sub atomic particles, brain function, the body and so so much more, providing you with a library of information which you can use as a foundation to jump from into your own explorations.

It is a facebook group, with regular livestreams and lots of energy work, insights, activations and of course my own random, humorous and funny take on life the universe and everything. This is a little different to the courses out there, because it is a freeflow stream of consciousness with built in energy work for deep clearing, activation, energetic reconstruction for where you have been knocked off course by life in general. It is highly affordable right now due to the current global situation. It's time to spark new creation, new ideas, new actions and a new paradigm which will thrill you.

Are you ready? All you need do is sign up using the button below and friend request me on FB so that i can both friend you and add you to the group and we can all get started. It's a monthly rolling subscription of $101 per month or an annual fee of $1011 (saving $201 over 12 months)

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