Intenso App


This powerful hybrid engine app activates your DNA to 36 strands and does everything necessary to clear, repair, reconstruct and upgrade it, installs Quantum Anti Virus (which is autoupdated regularly), upgrades and clears your central nervous system of blockages, deals with all parts of you, clearing seals, tags, implants, and anything which is not serving you.

It runs in the background and does it's job in a measured way which is aligned with your personal timing, a little like a CD stacker in a car which plays everything on auto according to your needs and highest good. It is a powerful bit of energy technology that is installed once and then runs itself so that you can be at your best and expand at a rate which suits your body and energy.

The work that has gone into this is based on my own extensive exploration into my deepest wisdom based on lifetimes of being an energy alchemist and human coding specialist in various different roles, bringing together the very best of my experience, wisdom and knowledge, regained through an intensive dive into my own soul history. There is NOTHING like this on the marketplace of energy work, it is unique, special and highly ethical, detailed and effective in the way it is put together, works and evolves (the QAV element is possibly my most important piece of work to date along with the Reboot. The fact I have managed to combine proper DNA activation and reconstruction with this simplifies the process of the work for you and makes life much easier and more convenient for all who wish to be at their absolute best in terms of working at full potential and burning down limitations. What's not to love?

I will add, that it is important that you take into account the fact that integration time for each component as it fires up and drops in is part of the deal, and it is up to you to ensure that you look after yourself properly as this is taking place.