A Love Supreme Masterclass


This approx 90 minute Masterclass recording is the second in the series that starts with 'Get Seen, Get Paid'. It contains powerful activation and clearing all the way through, along with channeled information and personal insights, all on the subject of internal union and balance of masculine and feminine energies. This also deal with certain bloodlines, removing seals and activation of the gifts and abilities inherent within these bloodlines, recoding, and various essential things which sort out the shit that has caused relationship fuckery. This work is amongst the most powerful spiritual and personal development work available on the market today anywhere in the world. If you have trouble currently with realising external relationship balance due to internal entanglements, this masterclass will deal with the issues that need resolving (at the start a diagnostic is run for everyone who listens/buys, and the work is personally tailored because this is one of my genius gifts.