Lovey Dovey Hybrid App


Life is relationship - with yourself, with others, with your origins, your parents, soul mates, business partners, collaborators, clients, money, you name it. As well as inanimate objects, the Earth, Source, and everything in between.

It is difficult to succeed in any area when all of your relationship dynamics are based on suffering, resentment, loss, sadness, anger and the stuff that self perpetuates until it is fully resolved for good, from the very deep roots that most of this stuff carries.

This app is specifically designed to deal with all of this with some very powerful tools I have developed which deal with all subjects from all angles, in a quantum 360 degree approach which resolves the roots, the dynamics and everything in between. It starts with DNA activation to 36 fully activated and clear, clean, repaired strands and installs quantum anti virus, reboot 10 and lots more all designed to bring you to clarity, full inner connection between your masculine and feminine energies and the third creative force which they produce - your magical inner child. Resolving wounding for good because we take you to the origin of all of it. This energy work is pure, powerful, clean, ethical, and deals with ALL parts of you including your nervous system and everything else.

There is a facebook group, The Incubator, specifically set up for all who buy this and my other apps so that you feel supported during your evolutionary journey using it. You will learn how to use the app to your best advantage by being a member. It will bring a new sense of balance and peace within as well as in your external relationships. If you're fed up of experiencing an endless see-saw of complicated emotional reactions which leave you feeling poleaxed, angry and frustrated, this App will bring you to a place where that is no longer an issue and will keep on giving as it receives automatic updates as my own understanding, innovaiton and work development grows even more with each uplevel i personally go through (yes, I am the one who goes through all this first during the development and what i benefit is shared with my clients automatically as a result of the way i have developed these. I use the apps with 1:1 clients also.

So, it is time, if you are reading this, to muscle test on the following things: 'Working with Lys in some capacity is exactly what my soul has been asking for in order to evolve my experience of life' and then, if you get a YES on that 'The Lovey Dovey App is the best option for me right now' and if you get a yes on that too, support yourself by buying it. And if you get a No, then test on the other apps and see which one it is that is your best choice for right now.

I look forwards to seeing you in The Incubator.