Make Money Your Bitch

Watch the Video for Details of What the Course is About

The Details:-
Live Classes start on July 17th, however this is NOT the sign up deadline. All those signing up later get the recordings and this course turns seamlessly into a digital group course. However, be warned that the price will be going UP after July 21st
Pre-Work available now in the group
Dedicated facebook group for all course members during course run, which is up and running now and contains the DNA Activation and Reboot 10. This may change to a dedicated group outside of facebook on either mighty networks or disciple. All course members are welcome to remain in the group for as long as it is still on offer
3 weekly Masterclasses which i am running via Zoom for all members. Recordings will be available for download for all members after the live sessions
Regular intuitively guided practical exercises for all members as we go along during the live course run, which will help ground the work in

Feedback for the 'Be A Wolf' Masterclass Series:-

' Well ... my sexy sale went extremely well and the lady took the three sheep she said she would AND paid me in full just before she turned up (the first time this has happened)!!...And I’ve been experiencing ridiculously crazy synchronicity for over 24 hours; and having stronger feelings/ awareness of my own vibrations (no longer thinking about what I want to bring into my experience but concentrating on how I’m feeling about things and being more searching and decisive within myself; knowing that the truer I can be to my vibration the quicker matching vibrations will appear).'

'Since I began working with Lys, I've released trauma patterns I'd become quite frustrated by, I have regained awareness if my own core frequencies and there has been a massive increase in the clarity of, and ease of using, my clairvoyant senses.
Each session or masterclass is an energetic experience. The information that comes through on why a pattern has continued to run is endlessly fascinating and it's wonderful to watch them go... from an observational position.
The result of which is more clarity and compassion for myself, healthier boundaries, increased clairvoyant abilities and a much stronger communication with my own higher self.
The amount of shifting I've experienced through Lys's work is impressive.'
- Cat Lubin

'Working with Lys and the masterclasses has not only changed my life in ‘physical’ terms but also shifted my perspective on ‘life’.
I’m an earthy person and basically viewed my environment through very cloudy shortsighted glasses. Due to childhood trauma and abuse I had shut myself down from closeness and struggled with trust issues and anxiety. Over this last year via Lys’s downloads and classes so much has changed. I have opened up to the idea of self healing and personal development (something that I had previously been aware of but avoided doing any work). I have embraced what I had thought were just ‘pictures in my mind’ as clairvoyance and have been able to put quite a few pieces together of past lives and the concept of ‘collective consciousness’. My understanding and belief system has evolved very fast.
In practical terms I have gone from no job to a job with promotion that I love. I have become immensely resilient emotionally and been able to support many others through their growth. I have learnt to become self centred (ie, the only way to assist others is to be the best version of yourself. Previously I gave up myself 100% in the service of others and had become extremely foggy and unhappy).
I had in my mind things I wanted to achieve (expanded sheep flock, a home, a healthy marriage) but in being the best me, my vibration has shifted and these items appear to be leaving me. Initially this concerned me and I desperately back pedalled however, the more Me I’m becoming, the happier I feel. I’m excited as I now live in the present more and i never know what is around the corner, I feel my life has become an adventure and I’m much more open to infinite possibilities. My next goal is to start afresh with myself and spend time consolidating myself, then I will discover my vibrations’ mission. Recently I have been able to reconnect with my love of ideas and creativity and I have a sense of empowerment that I have the ability to be an active part of the evolution of consciousness.'

Make Money Your Bitch